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We’d Like to Introduce Our Brand-New Kashubian Translation Services

Nearly everyone in Poland speaks Polish as their native language. With most European countries fairly cleanly divided along linguistic lines, this is only natural. But did you know that there are indigenous minority languages spoken in Poland as well? Poland features two main indigenous minority languages almost entirely exclusive to the Central European nation, the bigger of which is Silesian, native to the country’s southwest, with spillover into neighboring Czechia. The other is Kashubian, contained almost entirely within Poland in the northern Polish region of Kashubia.

Kashubian is the native language of around 108,000 Poles, and the Polish government officially recognizes it as a minority language, which affords it certain privileges that other minority languages may not enjoy. For example, some schools in Kashubia even use Kashubian as a language of instruction, though Polish is more common. However, with Polish dominating nearly all facets of life in the country, Kashubian still faces an uphill battle for its continued vitality, especially given the debate over its classification as a distinct language from Polish. Kashubian is generally seen as a separate language, but some view it as a Polish or Pomeranian dialect—but no matter what you see Kashubian as, we here at are proud to provide tailored translation services for the tongue.

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A brief exploration of the Kashubian language

The native homeland of the Kashubian people is, of course, Kashubia, located in the western Pomeranian area of northern Poland. Most Kashubian speakers reside in Poland’s Pomeranian Voivodeship, specifically in the administrative districts of Sierakowice, Linia, Parchowo, Luzino, and Żukowo. Surprisingly, however, you can also find Kashubian speakers in Canada, with a Kashubian-speaking Polish community in Ontario’s Renfrew County.

Kashubian comes in different varieties, with linguists identifying several dialects of the language—Bylacki, Slowinski, Kabatkow, Zaborski, Tucholski, and Krajniacki—though these are sometimes classified into the larger groupings of Northern Kashubian, Middle Kashubian, and Southern Kashubian. The language, with all its dialects, has come a long way to gain the recognition and status it has today, as it was heavily repressed during Poland’s communist period. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, attitudes toward the language gradually changed, with more and more people speaking and learning Kashubian. Today, in addition to Kashubian classes available to children in the region, you can find Kashubian sometimes used in television and radio, as well as represented on road signs.

Our Kashubian translators are dedicated to quality.

Kashubians have had to fight for their ethnic identity and language, demonstrating an admirable tenacity and passion for their native tongue. We’ve welcomed this attitude to our Kashubian translation team, where our translators channel their love for their language into unwavering translation quality. We’ve made sure that our team covers all the different dialects of Kashubian, selecting our team members from locales all across Kashubia, and we’re proud to announce that we offer translation both from Kashubian to English as well as from English to Kashubian.

What kind of Kashubian translation project do you have? No matter what it is, our team of translators is poised to help. If you’re looking to translate business documents like financial reports, business plans, or other corporate documents—or marketing collateral like ad copy or brochures—we have Kashubian translators experienced in business who can seamlessly tackle the job. Maybe you want to translate educational materials into Kashubian so local kids have better access to a native-language education—we have translators with knowledge in all sorts of fields, making such projects easy for us. Or perhaps you’re looking to translate literary or creative materials—be that books, poems, short stories, games, apps, or websites. We have Kashubian translators well versed in the particular demands of literary translation who can guarantee a high-quality translation either into or from Kashubian.

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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