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We’d Like to Announce Our New Translation Services for the Chaga Languages

Tanzania—or at least its coastal regions—make up the linguistic homeland of Swahili, a major lingua franca in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and elsewhere across eastern Africa. Swahili is also one of the few indigenous African languages that most people outside of the continent have heard of. But what may surprise you is that Swahili is by no means the native tongue of most Tanzanians. With more than 100 languages native to its population of 61 million, Tanzania is the most linguistically diverse country in East Africa, and among this labyrinth of languages, we find the Chaga language continuum.

The Chaga languages are spoken by hundreds of thousands of people in Tanzania, with the Rombo language alone accounting for 200,000 speakers. Altogether, linguists have identified six Chaga languages, which are so closely related that they’re generally mutually intelligible. Spoken in a dialect continuum, the Chaga languages morph as you venture across the Chaga-speaking region, with the languages spoken on either extreme the most distinct from one another. The Chaga languages are important in Tanzania—not the biggest languages, but certainly not the smallest, either—so we here at are here to give them the attention they deserve with our Chaga translation team.

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A closer examination of the Chaga dialect continuum

Tanzania is home to Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa, and just south of this mammoth of a landmark live the Chaga people, speaking their six Chaga languages. This naturally places them in Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro Region but also in eastern Arusha Region. The six Chaga languages are West Kilimanjaro (West Chaga), Central Kilimanjaro (Central Chaga), Rombo, Rusha (Arusha-Chini), Kahe, and Gweno. Within the six languages are a number of distinct dialects, including Meru, Machame, Mochi, and Wunjo—some of the most prominent.

Many of the languages in Tanzania come from the Bantu language family, and the Chaga languages are no exception. While the exact grammar may differ among the Chaga languages, they share the typical Bantu characteristics of a complicated noun class system, a subject-verb-object word order, and an agglutinative structure that sees prefixes appended to words to add depth to their meaning. Chaga’s noun class system includes a series of prefixes and particles—specific ones for each class—that mark verbs, adjectives, demonstratives and more, signaling which noun they’re modifying, which makes the language more precise but more grammatically complex.

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Most translation agencies don’t translate a single Chaga language—but here at, we proudly translate all six. That’s right—we’ve scouted out skilled translators from all around the Kilimanjaro area to bring you the top Chaga translation talent, meaning we can seamlessly translate your documents to or from West Kilimanjaro, Central Kilimanjaro, Rombo, Rusha, Kahe, and Gweno. We owe it all to the talent and passion of our Chaga translators, who bring their years of translation experience to the team.

Our Chaga translation team is diverse not only in terms of the individual Chaga languages but also in terms of the translation backgrounds of our team members. Some have experience translating business documents like business plans and financial reports, while others are well versed in marketing translation—ad copy, press releases, and the like. Some of our Chaga translators are good at academic translation—whether that’s translating your research questionnaire or pedagogical material for children into a Chaga language—while others focus on literary translation, converting fantastical tales to and from Chaga languages. We even have Chaga translators who can work with localization, translating your apps or games into a Chaga language!

No matter what your Chaga translation project entails, we want to help. Tell us in a message what you’d like us to do!


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