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Proudly Announcing Our New Kabiye Translation Services

Covering only 56,785 square kilometers, Togo doesn’t account for much of Africa’s massive land mass—but nonetheless, the West African nation is home to more than 8 million people. And with West Africa constituting one of the most ethnolinguistically diverse corners of the globe, Togo’s 8 million residents are divided among 39 distinct languages, one of which is the country’s only official language, French. Of course, most people in Togo don’t speak French as a first language—that honor is reserved for the nation’s dozens of indigenous languages, one of the most prominent being Kabiye.

Boasting one million speakers as of 2012, Kabiye is a major Togolese language, accounting for a sizable portion of the country’s populace. It’s one of two languages that Togo recognizes as a national language, the other being Ewe, with around 20 million speakers across West Africa. Kabiye and Ewe people constitute the two largest ethnic groups in Togo, with the Kabiye people dominating military and government in the land. As a national language of Togo, Kabiye is promoted in the media and is offered as a school subject, but unfortunately, this prestige still hasn’t prompted many translation agencies to create Kabiye translation teams. We at are one of the few proudly offering Kabiye translation services.

Anyone interested in Kabiye translation services is invited to message us and ask about a free quote today!

Learning about Kabiye, a national language of Togo

Kabiye is indigenous to the northern regions of Togo, though the language has seen a considerable expansion southward to elsewhere in Togo, as well as westward and eastward to Ghana and Benin, respectively. Being spoken over a relatively wide area, Kabiye has amassed a number of accepted spellings for itself, including Kabiyé, Kabiyè, Kabye, Kabyé, Kabyè, Cabrai, or Cabrais. It’s not to be confused with the Kabyle language spoken in Algeria.

Like most other languages in West Africa, Kabiye comes from the Niger–Congo language family. More specifically, it’s a member of the Gur branch, a subfamily centered around Burkina Faso and the regions surrounding it. Kabiye is more grammatically complicated than some of its Gur cousins, with 10 noun classes, each of which comes with its own agreement suffix that’s appended to adjectives, demonstratives, and other words that refer to the noun. Kabiye verbs come with their own complexity—in addition to the tense-aspect-mood suffixes that describe the time and manner of the action, modal prefixes can add a wealth of nuance, from habituality to immediacy.

Let our Kabiye translators help you with your translation project.

As a national language of Togo, Kabiye is an influential language in the West African nation, and its speakers use their language with pride. That’s what ties all our Kabiye translators together, whether they hail from Togo, Ghana, or Benin and no matter what dialect they speak—they’re all passionate about their unique language. They enjoy rendering Kabiye-language documents into English so that local Kabiye people can communicate with the outside world, raising the profile of this important culture, but they also love translating English texts into Kabiye, adding richness to the library of printed Kabiye materials with literature, pedagogy, business documents, and more.

To ensure our Kabiye translation services are as well-rounded as possible, we’ve made sure to hire translators who specialize in different types of translation. On our team, you’ll find some translators ready to tackle your business plan or marketing materials—regardless of the nature of your company. We also have educational and academic translators on our team, who can translate academic works in any field or pedagogical materials that help Kabiye-speaking children learn in their native language. Rounding out the team, we have literary translation experts who can not only convert Kabiye tales into flowing English but also translate your English-language media—from novels and poetry to games and apps—into Kabiye, bringing a wealth of new material to Togo.

You can get started with Kabiye translation services today! Shoot us a message to tell us what you need—it’s that easy.


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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