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Proudly Adding Our New Translation Services to the Mix: Pular

The linguistic landscape of Africa is as complicated as the vibrant continent itself. The vast land has given way to thousands of diverse ethnic groups and, accordingly, their languages, and many indigenous African languages retain healthy speaker bases even today, when imported languages like English, French, and Arabic permeate the public life in the majority of African nations. Of course, most of these languages are small, spoken by mere thousands or even just hundreds of people, but a good chunk of them are also spoken by multiple millions of people. That’s where Pular lies.

With more than 13 million speakers, Pular ranks as one of the biggest indigenous languages in Africa. Its status is particularly pronounced in Guinea, where Pular accounts for the biggest native language in the country, with a whopping 8.5 million people speaking the language. This represents 55% of the population, though not all speak it as their first language. However, Pular is often overshadowed by Fulani (or Fula), a major language across the Sahel with more than 25 million speakers. Thus, translation agencies that work with African languages tend to favor Fulani over Pular, but here at, we proudly offer translation services for both.

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Let us give you a quick overview of Pular.

With more than half of the Guinean population speaking Pular, it’s no surprise that the language is concentrated in this West African country. However, it’s not exclusive to Guinea—Pular speakers can also be found in Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone, Mali, and Senegal. Traditionally, Pular was written in Ajami, a modified version of the Arabic script, before Ajami was largely supplanted by the Latin alphabet following colonization. Today, the Adham script, a native script specially designed for Fula languages, is seeing increased use and may eventually entirely overtake Ajami and the Latin alphabet.

As for linguistic classification, Pular is a Fula language from the Senegambian branch of the Niger–Congo language family, but it exhibits a variety of features that distinguish it from Fula, including use of the second-person plural pronoun for politeness. Indeed, the pronominal system in Pular is interesting for numerous reasons, as the language also has multiple words for “we” depending on whether the listener is included. Pular even has multiple versions of its second-person singular pronoun that distinguish tense—future or past.

Whatever you need Pular translation services for, we can help.

Considering the prominence of Pular in Guinea and its neighboring countries, there’s plenty of reason to require professional Pular translation services. Maybe you run a business that you’d like to expand into Guinea, and you want to enchant the location population by speaking their language. Perhaps you’re a researcher and you want to survey Pular-speaking locals in their native language to ensure the questions on your survey are crystal clear. You could be a content creator eager to translate your newest creations—whether they’re short stories or full-length novels, practical mobile apps or creative indie games—into Pular to cultivate a new audience.

On the flip side, maybe you’re a local Pular-speaking business owner eager to take your business ventures abroad, or maybe you’re a Pular scholar yearning for international recognition of your ground-breaking studies. Perhaps you’re an author weaving rich narratives in Pular and want to share them with the rest of the world. For all these cases, we can help.

Our Pular translation team translates both to and from Pular, maximizing the number of people we can serve. We’ve also taken great care to ensure that our Pular translators can accommodate the diverse needs of our clients, allowing us to translate corporate materials, academic papers, and creative content alike. With translators from all over Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone, Mali, and Senegal, you can rest assured you’re getting the best in Pular translation services.

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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