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Proud to Introduce Our New Mamprusi Translation Services

Hardly any African countries are dominated by a single ethnic group—the vast majority are comprised of a colorful plethora of diverse ethnolinguistic groups that inhabited the land long before the modern-day national borders were ever drawn up. The result is incredibly diverse countries with dozens or even hundreds of indigenous languages, with many ethnic groups split between numerous countries. Such is the case of the Mamprusi people, an ethnic group of West Africa stretched across five different countries, united by their collective language, Mamprusi.

Mamprusi may also be called Mampruli—native speakers don’t accept Mamprusi as referring to the language, reserving that to talk about the people. Speakers of Mamprusi number around 230,000, making it smaller than other languages in the region, such as Mooré (Mossi), Dagbani, and Fula, but the Mamprugu Kingdom, to which the Mamprusi people belong, packs a great deal of historical importance. The oldest surviving kingdom in Africa, the Mamprugu Kingdom retains significant influence even today, raising the profile of the Mamprusi language. But even that isn’t enough to get translation agencies to accommodate this precious language, with most opting for larger African languages like Fula, Hausa, and Yoruba. is different—we translate Mamprusi with pride.

Our Mamprusi translation services are available to all who need them, with a free quote available at a simple request!

Mamprusi: the language of Africa’s oldest kingdom

With the Mamprusi people spread out across five countries, Mamprusi is a transnational language, used in Ghana, Togo, Burkina Faso, Mali, and Côte d’Ivoire. Ghana accounts for the majority of Mamprusi speakers, with the ethnic group viewing Bawku, a town in Ghana’s Upper East Region, as their ancestral homeland. The Mamprugu Kingdom encompasses much of northern Ghana parts of northern Togo, and parts of Burkina Faso, but speakers are spread out even beyond the kingdom’s borders.

Mamprusi belongs to the Oti–Volta branch of the Gur language subfamily, eventually tracing its origins back to the Niger–Congo macrofamily, the biggest language family in the world. It’s closely related to other languages in the region, such as Dagbani, Kusasi, Nabit, and Talni. The language retains a partial noun class system from its proto Niger–Congo ancestor, which may look complicated to an English speaker but remains much simpler than the expansive class system in the distantly related Bantu languages. Inflection is minimal, with particles playing a large role in the language and word order transmitting important information about grammatical relationships between sentence constituents.

A Mamprusi translation team that’s proud to deliver consistent quality

You’re looking for a Mamprusi translation service that does this precious African language justice. You want quality—reliable accuracy and professional formatting for any type of document you may need translated. We built our Mamprusi translation team with that in mind, scouting out the most skilled Mamprusi translators from Ghana, Togo, Burkina Faso, Mali, and Côte d’Ivoire. This gives us a team filled with passionate native-speaking Mamprusi translators who have amassed experience from a variety of diverse translation projects, including in the corporate, academic, and creative worlds.

We can translate to Mamprusi and from Mamprusi, depending on your needs. That means we can help you bring your organization to this West African region or help you expand your business operations to the wider world. We can help you connect with local Mamprusi speakers to conduct research or help you bring your scientific discoveries to the attention of the international community. We can help you bring new books, stories, apps, and games to the people of the Mamprugu Kingdom or help you share the stories and literature of the Mamprusi people with the world as a whole. Whatever kind of Mamprusi translation project you have, we’re here.

Get started with Mamprusi translation today by simply sending us a message!


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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