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Our Newly Created Translation Services for Negeri Sembilan Malay

It’s not hard to place where Malay is spoken—Malaysia, of course! (It’s also spoken in Brunei and in Indonesia as Indonesian, but we’ll give you points if you just said Malaysia.) But actually, most Malaysians don’t speak Standard Malay as their first language. The Southeast Asian nation is overflowing with local Malayic languages that, while similar to Standard Malay, are decidedly distinct, and those are what most Malaysians speak natively. One of those native languages is Negeri Sembilan Malay.

Some 500,000 people speak Negeri Sembilan Malay as their first language, although most speakers of the language learn Standard Malay, using it at school, in administrative contexts, and when conversing with Malaysians from other areas. Many people consider it a dialect of Minangkabau, a major language spoken on the nearby Indonesian island of Sumatra, but linguistic studies have confirmed that it’s closer to Standard Malay. Either way, dedicated translation services for Negeri Sembilan Malay are lacking, so we at have created our own Negeri Sembilan Malay translation team!

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Let us tell you a bit about Negeri Sembilan Malay.

Negeri Sembilan Malay is native to none other than the Malaysian state of Negeri Sembilan, which is found in the southwest of Peninsular Malaysia. Pockets of Negeri Sembilan speakers can also be found in the neighboring states of Malacca (the Alor Gajah and Jasin districts) and Johor (the Segamat district). The belief that the language is a dialect of Minangkabau stems from the fact that Negeri Sembilan Malay is also spoken by the descendants of Minangkabau settlers who came to the region centuries ago, and while it’s actually closer to Standard Malay, it’s true that it’s also closely related to Minangkabau, with both coming from the massive Austronesian language family.

Negeri Sembilan Malay generally uses similar vocabulary to Standard Malay, but there are major differences as well. For example, in Standard Malay, lihat means “to look,” but Negeri Sembilan Malay speakers say nengok instead—which also isn’t similar to Minangkabau’s liek. Another example that clearly demonstrates the lexical difference between Standard Malay and Negeri Sembilan Malay is how they say “how”—in Standard Malay, it’s bagaimana, but in Negeri Sembilan Malay, it’s camno. Minangkabau doesn’t offer any clues here, either, as the Minangkabau term is bak apo, ba’a, or bak mano. For high-quality Negeri Sembilan Malay translations, it’s thus essential to work with native-speaking Negeri Sembilan Malay translators, like the translators we’ve hired.

We’re the team for all your Negeri Sembilan Malay translation needs.

Whatever kind of translation needs you may have, we’re determined to help you with our dedicated Negeri Sembilan Malay translation team. Our translators come from different regions of Negeri Sembilan—as well as specific locales of Malacca and Johor—and they know the ins and outs of their unique language, including all the ways it differs from Standard Malay and Minangkabau. So, whatever dialect you’re looking for, just tell us, and we’ll translate your document to or from Negeri Sembilan Malay.

General translators can’t accommodate the needs of all our clients. That’s why we’ve hired Negeri Sembilan Malay translators who are specialized in various types of translation services, including academic translation services, business translation services, literary translation services, and localization services. If you’re a researcher, professor, or student, let our academic team help—regardless of field. For all the CEOs and entrepreneurs out there, our business translators can help you with everything from business plans to ad copy. And the creatives among our clientele can take advantage of our literary translation and localization services for their books, poems, short stories, apps, games, websites, and more.

Anyone who needs Negeri Sembilan Malay translation services is in the right place. Just send us a message to place your first order today!


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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