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Our Newest Translation Services Cater to the Gagauz Language

For the most part, Europe is partitioned off by linguistic boundaries, with most European countries featuring a relatively homogenous population united by a single language. Yes, minority languages are spoken in most European countries, but far fewer and in far smaller numbers than in many countries around the world. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t sizable minority language communities across the continent, particularly in Spain, France, Italy, and Eastern Europe. Today, we’re venturing to Eastern Europe, proud to announce the introduction of our new Gagauz translation services.

Gagauz is a minority language spoken natively by around 150,000 primarily in Moldova. The Gagauz people occupy their own autonomous territory that designates Gagauz as its national language, but despite that, education is generally delivered in Russian, with Gagauz only taught for a few hours a week in a “native language” class. But at home and in daily life outside of school, the Gagauz people prefer their native Gagauz. As a minority language with limited resources and influence, Gagauz is threatened, despite its status as a national language in Gagauzia, but we here at are determined to help support the language in the way we know best: by offering high-quality Gagauz translation services.

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Exploring what makes Gagauz so unique

Gagauz is native to Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, and Turkey, with about 115,000 of its 150,000 total speakers residing in Moldova. Specifically, most Gagauz speakers live in Gagauzia, an autonomous region located in southern Moldova. The Gagauz people typically learn Russian and Romanian in addition to their native Gagauz, which is entirely unrelated to both languages—rather, Gagauz comes from the Turkic language family, tracing its origins back to the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Some sources may classify Gagauz as a Turkish dialect, but it’s usually considered a fully fledged language, especially since its isolation from other Turkic languages have caused it to diverge significantly.

Gagauz frequently constructs sentences in a subject-verb-object word order, like Romanian and, often, Russian, despite Turkic languages generally exhibiting a strong preference toward a subject-object-verb word order. Indeed, a linguistic analysis of Gagauz shows a strong alignment to typical Russian syntax, suggesting the language has been heavily influenced by its Slavic neighbor. Like Turkish, Gagauz also features a large number of cases that are marked on nouns through suffixes, with multiple possible suffixes for each case depending on the vowels in the stem word.

Leveraging our Gagauz expertise to help you break down language barriers

If you’re looking for reliable Gagauz translation services, you’ve found the right team. Translation companies tend to overlook Gagauz and only translate Russian, Romanian, and Turkish—but we believe the Gagauz people deserve high-quality translation services as well. So, we’ve put together a team of the best Gagauz translators from all over Gagauzia and other parts of Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, and Turkey, whose burning passion for their native language unites them across national borders. Drawing on their vast experience with Gagauz translation, they proudly provide translation services both to and from Gagauz.

If you run a business that you’re looking to set up in Gagauzia, our translation team can help you cater your marketing collateral to the local vernacular. If you have access to historical documents in Gagauz, our translators would be delighted to help you translate them into English. If you want to support Gagauz-language education for native-speaking children, we’d love to help you translate English-language educational materials into Gagauz. And, of course, if you have creative materials—books, poems, games, apps, or anything else—that you’d like us to translate into Gagauz as a powerful way to support and promote this unique minority language, our passionate Gagauz translators are always ready to help.

The sooner you get started with Gagauz translation services, the sooner you can benefit. Shoot us a message today detailing your vision for your Gagauz translation project!


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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