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Our Newest Translation Services: The Tooro Language

Uganda is a more diverse country than many give it credit for. Despite its relatively small geographical size making it smaller than 60% of African countries, it’s the eighth-most populated and is home to more than 70 indigenous languages. Linguistically speaking, the East African nation is also starkly divided between its northern and southern halves, with the north dominated by speakers of Nilotic and Central Sudanic languages who use Swahili as a lingua franca and the south by Bantu peoples who have adopted English as their primary lingua franca. It’s among the numerous Bantu languages in southern Uganda that we find Tooro.

Tooro—or Rutooro, as some people may call it—is spoken by roughly 500,000 people in southwestern Uganda, specifically in the Tooro Kingdom, which still operates to this day within the borders of Uganda. The Batooro people native to the kingdom are proud of their language and culture, which, despite similarities to neighboring languages, is distinct and unique. But the prominence of the Batooro people and their language, even with their very own modern-day kingdom, still hasn’t led many translation agencies to accommodate Tooro. We here at, however, proudly offer our translation services for Tooro.

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Want to learn more about Tooro?

Tooro’s 500,000-odd speakers are concentrated in the Tooro Kingdom, which roughly covers the districts of Kabarole, Kyenjojo, and Kyegegwa in southwestern Uganda. As a Bantu language, it’s related to most of the other languages in Uganda’s southern half, bearing a particular resemblance to neighboring Nyoro (Runyoro). In fact, Tooro and Nyoro are combined with two more closely related languages, Nkore and Kiga, to form Runyakitara, an artificial standardized form that serves all four tongues.

However, that doesn’t mean Tooro isn’t unique in its own right. As a Bantu language, Tooro does share the typical characteristics of languages in the family, including a complex and pervasive noun class system that governs how adjectives, verbs, demonstratives, and more interact with a given noun. Like its Bantu cousins, Tooro is also an agglutinative language that strings together affixes (mostly prefixes or infixes) to indicate grammatical relationships or alter the meaning of a phrase. But Tooro is also noted among Bantuists for its lack of tone—most of the 500+ Bantu languages incorporate lexical tone, but Tooro doesn’t share this feature.

Proudly providing professional translation services for Tooro

If you want high-quality Tooro translation services you can rely on, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve worked hard to establish a Tooro translation team of seasoned professionals passionate about converting texts between English and Tooro. As native Tooro speakers, our translators are proud of their language and understand all the trickiest nuances it presents, allowing them to seamlessly translate to and from Tooro for all kinds of content.

We’ve taken special care to ensure our Tooro translation team is maximally flexible, with translators boasting supplementary knowledge in a wide range of fields. This means we can expertly navigate the translation of even highly technical documents, including academic dissertations and technical manuals. We have Tooro translators specializing in business translation, with all the skills and experience to translate your business proposals, contracts, and reports in addition to customer-facing materials like ad copy and press releases. We have translators whose specialty is academic translation—both for Tooro scholars who want to take their work abroad and foreign researchers working in Uganda who need questionnaires in Tooro. And, of course, we also have literary translators on our team, can help both Tooro authors find new fans around the world with a translation from Tooro to English and international content creators carve out a new market in southwestern Uganda with a translation into Tooro.

We’d love to help you with your Tooro translation project. Tell us all about it in a message today!


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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