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Let Us Introduce Our New Sena Translation Services

Do you know what language is spoken in Mozambique? Actually, that’s a trick question—Mozambicans speak a variety of languages, just like in most African countries. Mozambique is unique in that its lingua franca is Portuguese—only a handful of African countries use Portuguese. But most Mozambicans speak an indigenous language as their native tongue, learning Portuguese as a second language to navigate education, administration, and media in the country. Ethnologue records a total of 43 languages spoken in the country, with a number of Bantu-origin indigenous languages comprising the majority of the native languages in Mozambique.

One of these indigenous Bantu languages is Sena, which is spoken by around 1.6 million native speakers and 1.5 million more second-language speakers, for a total of about 3 million speakers. While that pales in comparison to Mozambique’s total population of 32 million, Sena nonetheless stands as a large and influential language in central Mozambique. As much as we’d like to say that’s prompted a flood of Sena translation services, most translation firms don’t bother offering Sena translation services, favoring larger languages like Shona instead. Here at, however, we’re proud to give Sena the recognition it deserves with our dedicated Sena translation team.

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Looking for a little more information on Sena?

Let’s start with where exactly Sena is spoken. It’s native to Mozambique and Malawi, with most speakers residing in the central regions of Mozambique—specifically, the provinces of Tete, Sofala, Zambezia, and Manica. Like many other indigenous languages in Africa, Sena is divided into several dialects, with Rue (also known as Barwe or Cibalka) and Podzo notable for their distinct differences from other Sena dialects.

In terms of its roots, Sena comes from the Bantu language subfamily, a massive branch of the Niger–Congo language family that accounts for most of the languages in sub-Saharan Africa. Diving deeper, Sena belongs to the Nyasa group of languages, with strong relations to Tumbuka, Tonga, and Chewa (Nyanja). Sena exhibits the infamous noun class system that Bantu languages are known for, classifying each noun in one of several groups and assigning it a prefix or particle that must be attached to any words that modify the noun. Sena verbs also exhibit plenty of complexity, incorporating markers for both the subject and the object as well as tense, aspect, mood, and more.

Our team is experienced and passionate about Sena translation.

If you’re looking for the best in Sena translation services, you’ve found it. You don’t need to scour the internet for the best Sena translation talent because we’ve already sourced the best translators from around Mozambique and Malawi for you, with coverage of all the major Sena dialects. Our native-speaking Sena translators love their language, so they’re eager to translate both from English to Sena and from Sena to English, no matter what content you’re looking to have translated.

In putting together our Sena translation team, we concentrated on both quality and flexibility. Our translators boast years of experience, which they draw on to deliver unwavering translation quality every time, but we also zeroed in on translators who specialize in different areas of translation. Sena business translation? Sena academic translation? Sena literary translation? Sena localization? We can do it all and more.

So, send us your business plans, white papers, financial reports, contracts, press releases, ad copy, newsletters, journal articles, research questionnaires, teaching materials, novels, poems, short stories, games, apps, websites, or whatever else you may like to have translated to or from Sena. With subject-matter experts from a variety of fields, our Sena translators can handle just about any content you might have for them.

We’re passionate about translating to and from Sena. If you have a Sena translation project, why wait? Get in touch today to get started!

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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