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Tumbuka Is Now One of the Languages That We Provide Translation Services For

Most people outside of Africa haven’t heard of Tumbuka. In fact, most of them haven’t heard of the majority of Africa’s 2,000 or so indigenous languages, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t widely spoken and culturally important. In Malawi, despite the country’s relatively small geographical size, 14 indigenous languages are spoken across the land, with four of them claiming more than a million speakers each. Of course, the multilingual country needs a lingua franca at the national level to ensure the disparate ethnolinguistic groups inhabiting it can communicate smoothly—that’s what English and Chewa are for. But locally, most of the Malawian population speaks their own language.

Tumbuka, or Chitumbuka, as some may call it, constitutes one of the most prominent indigenous languages in Malawi, with roughly 3.5 million speakers, or 9% of the national population, speaking Tumbuka natively. Tumbuka has historically competed with Chewa (Chichewa) as the dominant language of Malawi, but a governmental push for Chewa as the unitary Malawian language in the latter half of the 20th century stripped Tumbuka of its status, removing it from school curricula, radio, and print media. Since 1994, the language has regained government support but remains overshadowed by Chewa.

Here at, we’re proud to be one of the few translation companies that works with Tumbuka. Need a free quote? Just reach out and ask!

An exploration of the Tumbuka language

Tumbuka isn’t exclusive to Malawi, although the majority of the Tumbuka-speaking community does live in the small southeastern African country. Smaller numbers of Tumbuka speakers can also be found in nearby Tanzania and Zambia. Urban and rural variants of Tumbuka differ dramatically, with urban dialects incorporating large swaths of vocabulary from the more prestigious Chewa and Swahili, while rural dialects are seen as more “linguistically pure.” The primary writing system for Tumbuka is the Latin alphabet, but it can also be written in Mwangwego, a specialized script developed for Malawian languages, though the script has yet to gain mainstream acceptance.

Like other Malawian languages, Tumbuka comes from the Bantu subfamily, which means it features a dizzying number of noun classes, similar to the grammatical gender found in Indo–European languages. Each class is associated with a series of concords, which can function as standalone words, like the Tumbuka possessive marker, or are appended to verbs and adjectives as prefixes. Tumbuka also features a rich tense system that can differentiate between near and distant future as well as recent and remote past.

Making Tumbuka translation services accessible to all who want them

Do you need translation services for Tumbuka? You’re not alone—with more than 3.5 million speakers, Tumbuka is an important language for Malawians. It’s difficult to find Tumbuka translation services, but that’s why we worked extra hard to track down expert Tumbuka translators and invite them to our team. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for translation into Tumbuka or from Tumbuka because our translation team can easily handle both.

We’ve been careful to select Tumbuka translators who not only boast years of translation experience but also exhibit knowledge in supplementary areas, which enables us to translate specialized documents, even if they’re filled with technical vocabulary. Business owners can rely on our translators to convert their marketing materials and internal business documents between Tumbuka and English, helping them get the most out of their business expansion into or out of Malawi. Educators can take advantage of our Tumbuka translation services to translate pedagogical content into Malawi and revitalize Tumbuka-language education for native children. And, of course, content creators are always welcome to send us their novels, stories, poems, websites, apps, games, and more—we can help native Tumbuka speakers make their mark on the wider world or ambitious content creators from abroad find a new audience in Malawi.

No matter why you need Tumbuka translation services, we’re ready to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out today!


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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