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Introducing Our Latest Translation Services: South Barisan Malay

Did you know that Malay is one of the biggest languages in the world? That’s because Indonesian and Malay are the same language—Indonesian is just a standardized variety used in Indonesia. All throughout Indonesia and Malaysia are minority Malay languages that are closely related to Malay itself yet are different enough to be considered separate languages. One such Malay variant—a pretty major one—is South Barisan Malay.

Clocking in at roughly 1.6 million native speakers, South Barisan Malay constitutes one of the biggest minority languages in Indonesia. It may also be called Central Malay or Middle Malay, although South Barisan Malay is the most common moniker for the language. Rather than a single language, South Barisan Malay is best considered a group of closely related languages spoken in the same general area. Few translation services are available for the languages, so we at have taken matters into our own hands with our new South Barisan Malay translation services.

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Diving into the variants of Malay spoken in the southern Barisan Mountains

South Barisan Malay’s name makes its location an easy giveaway: the southern part of the Barisan Mountains, of course. You’ll find this mountain range along the western coast of Sumatra, Indonesia’s westernmost major island. The cluster of South Barisan Malay languages are native to three provinces in southern Sumatra, namely Bengkulu, South Sumatra, and Lampung, where they’re spoken among other languages, particularly Indonesian, Palembang Malay, and Javanese.

South Barisan Malay consists primarily of 12 languages or dialects, as follows:

  • Benakat

  • Bengkulu

  • Besemah

  • Enim

  • Kikim

  • Kisam

  • Lematang Ulu

  • Lintang

  • Ogan

  • Rambang

  • Semendo

  • Serawai

As South Barisan Malay’s name suggests, the cluster belongs to the Malayic branch of Austronesian languages, which means it shares its heritage with Indonesian and a large number of other indigenous languages in the country. As with other Malayic languages, South Barisan Malay presents a number of challenges to a translator due to its complex grammar that differs starkly from English. Most notably is the high degree of inflection in verbs, which add not tense or aspect but a wide variety of other nuances that aren’t always easily translatable. Of course, our native-speaking South Barisan Malay translators can handle such challenges with ease, though.

South Barisan Malay translation services that cater to your specific needs

Whatever you’re looking for in South Barisan Malay translation, our team is here for you. Our translators are native speakers of the 12 different varieties of South Barisan Malay, so whichever variant you’d like to work with, we’re ready to help. Our translators provide services both to and from South Barisan Malay, so whether you’re a local looking to branch out to the rest of the world or an outsider aiming to connect with speakers of South Barisan Malay, we’re the team for you.

Our translators also cover services that run the gamut from academic and business translation to literary translation and localization. By hiring experts in various fields, industries, and domains, we’ve built a robust and flexible team that can seamlessly cater to your individual needs, even if your project is highly technical. With us, you can translate academic or educational materials, corporate or promotional documents, and all sorts of creative works, including books, stories, websites, and apps. If you have any special requests, simply let us know—we’ll do our best to work with our large and passionate team to provide the best South Barisan Malay translation services we can.

If you’re looking for South Barisan Malay translation services, come to us! Our enthusiastic translators are on standby to help you—just place an order!

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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