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Hereby Introducing Our New Rangpuri Translation Services

There are far more languages spoken around the world than most people realize. Most people only know of a few dozen languages, so the fact that our vast world contains more than 7,000 living languages today would come as a shock to most. So, where are all these languages? They’re more concentrated in certain areas than others, and one region of particular linguistic diversity is the Indian subcontinent. In India alone, you’ll find more than 450 different languages from several different families—and one of them is Rangpuri.

Though most people outside of the local region have likely never heard of Rangpuri, it’s the native language of a whopping 15 million people, making it a major language despite its minority status in India. Complicating Rangpuri’s status is the fact that it’s closely related to two bigger languages with a much stronger status: Bengali and Assamese. Thus, Rangpuri and its numerous sister languages, including Chittagonian, Rohingya, and Surjapuri, and Sylheti, tend to be overlooked not just by local governments but also by translation agencies, who typically only offer translation services for Bengali and Assamese. Not us here at, though—we’re proud to introduce our Rangpuri translation team today.

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Uncovering the unique identity of Rangpuri

Like many other minority languages of Asia, Rangpuri is a transnational language, spoken widely in both India and Bangladesh. More specifically, it’s spoken in northwestern Bangladesh, western Assam, and northern West Bengal, the latter two being Indian states. In Assam, Rangpuri speakers are concentrated in the district of Goalpara, while in Bangladesh, they generally live in the appropriately named Rangpur Division. Though Rangpuri is the most common name for the language in English, it also goes by the names Bahe, Deshi Bhasha, and Anchalit Bhasha.

Rangpuri comes from the Indo–European language family, so it’s actually related to English, although the relation is incredibly distant. It’s much more closely related to fellow Indian languages like Hindi, Punjabi, and Gujarati, but its closest relatives are Bengali and Assamese. In fact, Rangpuri’s official classification within the Indo–European family is in the Bengali–Assamese branch, where it’s further grouped with the Kamta language to form the Central–Eastern Kamta grouping. Rangpuri doesn’t use grammatical gender, which may come as a relief to learners, but nouns nonetheless inflect for the language’s different cases. Verbs may also inflect significantly for different information, including person, tense, aspect, and formality.

Rangpuri translation services you can rely on

If you’re looking for Rangpuri translation services, you can’t hire a Bengali or Assamese translator instead. Though all three languages are remarkably similar, Bengali and Assamese speakers simply don’t understand all the intricate nuances of Rangpuri needed to craft a reliable translation. So, that’s why we gathered the best Rangpuri translators we could find, scouting out talent in both India and Bangladesh, and created our very own team. We specialize in translation both to and from Rangpuri, so whether you’re a native Rangpuri speaker looking to branch out into the wider world or a foreign national looking to convey a message to Rangpuri speakers, we’re here to help.

We offer a wide range of translation services—with a robust team of experienced translators, we seamlessly cover all sorts of specialties. We have Rangpuri business translation experts ready to help you move operations to Assam or northern Bangladesh—or to help you take your local business abroad. We also have translators who specialize in translating Rangpuri-language stories and literature into English, which is a great way to increase appreciation of this overlooked culture—and we have translators who are well versed in translating foreign media, from books and poems to apps and games, into Rangpuri for the enjoyment of locals.

Whatever your Rangpuri translation needs are, our diverse and passionate team is ready to help. Tell us what you’re looking for in a quick message!


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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