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Here Are Our New Translation Services for Matu Chin

Most countries have an official language, but in many countries around the world, the linguistic landscape is complex, with dozens or sometimes even hundreds of indigenous languages spoken throughout its lands. One region where such a phenomenon is commonplace is South and Southeast Asia, where hundreds of minority languages compete with the national and regional lingua francas. One minority language from this region is Matu Chin—and we’ve just launched translation services for it.

Matu Chin—which also goes by the names Matu, Batu, and Nga La—had an estimated 30,000 to 40,000 native speakers as of 2012, but now, more than a decade later, the figure may be higher. Ascertaining exact speaker numbers for understudied minority languages like Matu Chin can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean the language isn’t important in its region. In fact, it’s learned by other ethnic groups in the immediate area, making it a local lingua franca. But few companies offer translation services for Matu Chin—so we at decided to put together our own Matu Chin translation team.

We can show you a quote for our Matu Chin translation services for free—you just have to request one!

Understanding the background of the Matu Chin language

The majority of Matu Chin speakers come from Myanmar’s Chin State, a state bordering India in the northwest of the country. More specifically, Matu Chin is native to the township of Matupi, where it serves as a language of interethnic communication. A smaller—but still relatively large—community of Matu Chin speakers lives across the border in India’s state of Mizoram, where the local lingua franca is the related Chin language of Mizo. Indeed, as a Kuki-Chin language, Matu Chin is related to many of the languages spoken around it, including Hakha Chin. It’s also related to Burmese, since both come from the Sino–Tibetan language family, but this relation is more distant.

Matu Chin consists of several distinct dialects, not all of which are easily understood by speakers of others. In this sense, some of the dialects function more as separate languages—but they are more closely related than the next-closest languages, namely Rawngtu Chin and Thaiphum Chin. Dialects of Matu Chin include Matu proper, also know as Batu—the prestige variety—as well as Ciing, Doem, Nguitu, Hlangpang, Haltu, Ta’aw, Tuivang, Matu Dai, and Weilaung. No matter the variety, Matu Chin is always a far cry from English, making it tricky to translate, but don’t worry—our native-speaking translators can easily navigate the hurdles of Matu Chin translation.

Quality Matu Chin translation services for all sorts of purposes

We’re serious about quality in our Matu Chin translation services. We’ve carefully selected our translators: native speakers born in Myanmar’s Chin State and India’s Mizoram who have experience translating different types of documents to and from Matu Chin. They speak different dialects of the language, so if you’re seeking a particular regional variety, just tell us—we’ll do our best to accommodate your request. This applies whether you’re looking for translation to or from Matu Chin, since we offer services in both directions.

If you’re looking for general Matu Chin translation services, we’re always here to help. And for those who need more niche translation services, we’re here for you, too! Let our experts in academic translation, business translation, literary translation, localization, and more specialize their work to best fit your project. And don’t worry if you’re dealing with a complicated topic that involves a lot of technical terminology—many of our translators are knowledgeable in a variety of fields. We can’t make any guarantees, but we’ll always do our best to accommodate your needs and requests.

It’s time for Matu Chin translation services! If you want to get started, simply send us a message and place an order!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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