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Dendi Translation Services Are Our Newest Offering

It’s difficult for a Westerner to understand just how linguistically diverse Africa is. Most European countries are composed of a single dominant ethnic group, with their language as the primary language of the country. Any indigenous minority languages tend to be few in number. In the US and Canada, immigrant languages may account for large swaths of the population, and both countries abound with indigenous languages, all of which are unfortunately endangered. But Africa is different—most countries are incredibly multilingual, with no one language dominant, and many of the continent’s indigenous languages still enjoy vigorous use.

That brings us to Dendi, one of the thousands of relatively large indigenous languages in Africa. Situated squarely in West Africa, Dendi boasts around 250,000 speakers along the Niger River in the northeastern corner of Benin. Despite a relatively low number of speakers compared to bigger languages in the region, such as Mooré, Zarma, Fula, and Hausa, Dendi enjoys a relatively prestigious status as a trade language in northern Benin. But unfortunately, most translation agencies nonetheless refuse to work with the language, judging it as too small. We at are different—Dendi isn’t the biggest language, granted, but it’s an important one, and we’re proud to provide professional Dendi translation services.

If you shoot us a message asking about a free quote for our Dendi translation services, we’d be more than happy to provide one.

Here’s a bit more information about Dendi.

Dendi speakers can be found all across northern Benin, in the Alibori, Borgou, Donga, and Atakora districts, but they’re concentrated in the northeastern Alibori district, which straddles the Niger River. The speaker community also extends into northwestern Nigeria, specifically the states of Kebbi, Kwara, Niger, and Sokoto. As the language stretches across numerous administrative divisions in multiple countries, it has come into contact with a number of other languages, deriving significant influence from Bariba, a larger language from Benin and Nigeria.

Dendi comes from the Songhay cluster of languages believed to belong to the Nilo–Saharan language family, forming a dialect continuum with the larger Songhay languages of Zarma and Koyraboro Senni, spoken in Mali along the Niger River. However, the influence from Bariba, a Gur language from the Niger–Congo family, makes Dendi unique within its grouping. In terms of linguistic structure, Dendi adopts a subject-object-verb word order and exhibits relatively little inflection, with verbal tense and aspect and the grammatical relationships between words generally expressed through particles and word order.

Reliable Dendi translation services for all who need them

Just because Dendi is a smaller and less prominent language than others in the region, such as Hausa or Fula, doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve high-quality translation services. We’re dedicated to building up a competent and reliable Dendi translation team filled with experienced translators passionate about their native language, and we’ve made sure to source translators from different parts of Benin and Nigeria to accommodate different Dendi dialects. This way, whether you need translation to or from Dendi, you can be sure you’re getting the highest-quality services.

We also pay attention to the fields our translators are familiar with outside of Dendi translation because this allows us to accommodate highly technical translation projects in various niches. Don’t worry if your document is littered with jargon—we’ll match you with a Dendi translator who knows your field! We work with businesspeople, academics, content creators, and more to craft high-quality translations to and from Dendi, with our translators drawing on their diverse experience from previous projects to fine-tune their work to match the needs of your individual project. From business reports and white papers, to research surveys and academic papers, to thrilling novels and innovative apps, we can translate it all.

Don’t wait to reap the benefits of Dendi translation services. Contact us today to get started!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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