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Adding Gaúcho Translation Services to Our Repertoire

With Portugal being a relatively small country, many people don’t realize just how widely spoken Portuguese is. The vast majority of Portuguese speakers reside in Brazil, and this South American powerhouse is why Portuguese is the 9th-most spoken language in the world. When a language has this many speakers, especially all over the world and in a country as expansive as Brazil, dialects will inevitably crop up, and that’s what gives us Gaúcho, a prominent dialect of Portuguese spoken in the southernmost reaches of Brazil.

Gaúcho is also sometimes called Sulriograndense, an homage to Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil’s southernmost state and the birthplace of this Portuguese dialect. The dialect’s more common name, Gaúcho, is a reference to the traditional gaucho horsemen of Rio Grande do Sul and its neighbors, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chilean Patagonia, but today, gaúcho can be used in Brazilian Portuguese to refer to anyone from Rio Grande do Sul, even if they’ve never been near a horse in their life. With Gaúcho generally being considered a dialect of Portuguese and not a language in its own right, translation services are scarce, but that’s where we at come in, proudly touting our Gaúcho translation services.

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Gaúcho: The dialect of the historical Brazilian cowboys

Gaúcho is widely spoken in the prosperous state of Rio Grande do Sul, which boasts one of the highest human development index scores in Brazil. With a population of more than 11 million people, that makes for a lot of Gaúcho speakers. Given the state’s close proximity to Spanish-speaking Argentina and Uruguay, as well as their shared gaucho culture, the Gaúcho dialect is heavily influenced by Spanish, particularly the Rioplatense variant, as well as other important languages in the region, such as Guaraní, Hunsrückisch, Venetian, and other indigenous tongues.

Gaúcho differs from Portuguese in various ways, including in its grammar: Gaúcho speakers often use tu as a second-person singular pronoun, as opposed to você, traditionally the second-person plural pronoun but now used as both in Standard Brazilian Portuguese. Since verbs in Portuguese conjugate for person, the different pronoun usage in turn leads to different verb conjugation from conventional Brazilian Portuguese. Gaúcho also features a number of loanwords from Spanish and other influential languages in the region, including the well-known che interjection used in Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay, stylized as tchê in Gaúcho.

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Most translation agencies don’t offer translation services for dialects like Gaúcho, but we’re proud to present our native-speaking Gaúcho translation team to accommodate all your Gaúcho translation needs. That includes translation both to and from the dialect for just about any type of document—the diversity and well-rounded experience of our team makes this flexibility easy.

If you’re a business moving into Rio Grande do Sul and you want to better connect with locals, translating copy and promotional content into Gaúcho can be a great way to stand out and earn respect. If you’re a language activist passionate about keeping the Gaúcho dialect alive, we can help you translate pedagogical materials and literary content (from books and poems to apps and games!) into Gaúcho. If you want to share Gaúcho culture and content with the wider world, let us help you translate historical documents and literature into English to do Brazil’s former cowboy state justice. Whatever you need in terms of Gaúcho translation services, we’re here to help.

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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