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English to Swiss French Translation Services

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With English touted as the de facto global language, one could be forgiven for assuming the majority of people in the world can speak it. That’s simply not the case—only around 1.35 billion of the world’s close to 8 billion people speak English. This means that scholars, businesses, content creators, and others who want to expand their reach need to look into other languages via professional translation services. For example, if you’re marketing to a French Swiss population, it’s advisable to seek out professional English to Swiss French translation services, which specifically cater to those living in western Switzerland.

Swiss French isn’t the same as Standard French, which is spoken in neighboring France. They are mutually intelligible, but there are sometimes significant differences in vocabulary that can complicate smooth communication—and, if you’re specifically targeting French speakers in Switzerland, you’ll get the best results if you truly cater to them and their dialect of French. To this end, we at have compiled our own English to Swiss French translation team, designed to deliver the highest-quality, most accurate English to Swiss French translations possible. Our team is flexible enough to accommodate the diverse needs of companies, academics, creatives, and many others—when it comes to English to Swiss French translation, we’re the experts.

Want to see a free quote for our English to Swiss French translation services? All you have to do is ask!

Let’s dive into Swiss French a little.

Switzerland is a famously multilingual country, with four national languages—German, French, Italian, and Romansh—spoken within its borders. While German speakers account for the majority of the population, around 25% are native speakers of Swiss French. French is native to the western portion of the country, known as Romandy, which includes well-known Swiss cities like Geneva and Fribourg. Swiss French incorporates a lot of vocabulary from German, as well as Franco-Provençal, a minority Romance language closely related to French that was once spoken as the majority language in the region.

One of the most famous differences between Swiss French and Standard French is the counting system. In Standard French, numbers are grouped into bundles of 10, like in English, until 70, which becomes the equivalent of sixty-ten. 80 is four-twenty, and 90 is four-twenty-ten. Swiss French, however, uses a base-10 system for all numbers, like in English. Our English to Swiss French translators will make sure differences like this shine through clearly in your translated content.

We’re here to translate all sorts of documents into Swiss French.

At, we highly value flexibility in our English to Swiss French translation services, so we’re proud to announce that we have specialized teams of translators for various types of translation, such as academic translation, corporate translation, literary translation, and localization. We also verify that all our English to Swiss French translators meet our high standards by having them undertake strict translation tests that filter out any translator who is less than excellent.

Our English to Swiss French translation team helps English-speaking academics connect with peers at the University of Lausanne, the University of Geneva, and other prestigious schools in Romandy. We can also help scholars get their articles published in Swiss French journals or produce research surveys in Swiss French. And don’t worry—we’ll match you with a translator familiar with your field to ensure the highest standard of quality.

Would you like to break into the Swiss French market? Switzerland is a famously wealthy country, so attracting Swiss customers can be valuable—and our English to Swiss French translation team can help you make your new Swiss customers feel welcomed and accommodated with Swiss French translations of your business and promotional materials.

Are you a content creator who wants to give your Swiss French audience a more personalized experience than Standard French? Let our English to Swiss French team carefully translate your book, poetry, game, film, or other creative project to cater to a Swiss French audience. We take special care to ensure your unique style and tone is conveyed smoothly in the translated version.

Ready to start connecting with Swiss French speakers? Send us a message today to learn more about our Swiss French translation services.

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