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Swiss French to English Translation Services

Swiss French

English is considered the universal language of commerce, academia, and entertainment, but did you also know that there are more non-native than native speakers of English? A whopping 1.1 billion English speakers have learned it as a foreign language, while 375 million are native speakers. And out of the 195 countries in the world, English holds official language status in 67 nations and 27 non-sovereign entities.


While nobody knows when English’s global lingua franca status will end, acquiring high-quality Swiss French to English translation services can definitely help you expand your audience now. Translation services will help you advance your business or career and greatly widen your sphere of influence. Contact us for a free translation quote.


Why choose for your Swiss French to English translation project?


At, we believe your translation project is too important to leave in the hands of inexperienced translators or translation software that cannot recognize nuance or irony. As a group, our translators are knowledgeable in 400+ areas of study, from the arts and sciences to engineering and the law. Thus, you can rest peacefully knowing that we have expert translators who can provide fast and accurate Swiss French to English translation to meet your needs.


Aside from that, we also offer 24/7 online support wherever you are—Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne, Vaud, Fribourg, Romandy, Neuchâtel, or elsewhere. Request a free quote today.


What Swiss French documents do we translate into English?


Among the documents that our translators handle are the following:


  • Academic papers. Do you have a theory or discovery worth sharing beyond Switzerland’s borders? With knowledge of hundreds of fields of study, our translators work with professors and graduate students from a wide range of academic disciplines. Marketing case studies, economic research papers, and life science journal articles are just some of the scholarly texts they translate into English. We’ve worked with professors from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, the University of Zurich, and the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland.


  • Business documents and marketing materials. From Swiss French feasibility studies and business proposals to print ads and press releases, our English translators can provide reliable translation support to Swiss French–speaking businesspeople and marketers aiming to enter the international market.


  • Fiction and nonfiction writing. Our literary translators help Swiss French nonfiction and fiction writers share their stories and insights in engaging English. They translate romance novels, biographies, self-help books, and feature articles, among other things.


  • Websites. Aside from Word documents and PDFs, our versatile translators also convert Swiss French websites into English. Simply provide us your URL, and we’ll take it from there.


Wondering whether we can handle your project? We have translated just about everything. Tell us what you need, and get a free quote now.

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