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English to Swiss German Translation Services

Swiss German

Swiss German, also known as Alemannic, Alemannisch, or Schwyzerdütch, has around 5.7 million speakers in the wealthy German-speaking part of Switzerland and across the countries of Liechtenstein, Austria, Andorra, and France. Swiss German is actually not one language but a variety of Alemannic dialects used widely in day-to-day interactions. Interestingly, Swiss German is so different from Standard German that if it were used in Germany, very few could understand it. Your standard German translations won’t cut it.


So, whether you’re eyeing to take your business to Switzerland or looking for a way to reach the Swiss German–speaking audience in Austria, Liechtenstein, or elsewhere, having your business information, academic papers, or creative work translated into Swiss German is a phenomenal investment. Our team of English to Swiss German translators is here to assist you.


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Why choose for your English to Swiss German translation needs?


If you’re looking to introduce your product, services, or academic or creative work to the country that has consistently snagged the top spot in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report (GCR), we’re the right choice for translation. Why?


  • We hire professional translators. We steer clear from cheap translation software, which is prone to embarrassing or unintelligible translations. Instead, we hire only professional translators capable of detecting nuances in the original English documents and adeptly finding words or expressions that best represent your message in Swiss German.


  • We tackle a wide range of English to Swiss German translation projects. We have a versatile team of professional translators who can handle academic language, creative prose, business lingo, and technical terms. That’s because, as a group, our translators are knowledgeable in 400+ areas of study, from the arts and humanities to science and technology. They work with academics, creatives, businesspeople, tour operators, and jobhunters, among others. Legal documents, technical manuals, scholarly papers, and company websites are some of the materials they translate.


  • We offer fast turnaround times. Because our professional translators are knowledgeable in specialized topics, they are able to provide accurate English to Swiss German translation services much faster than our competitors.


  • We provide worldwide availability. Whether you’re in Zurich, Bern, Basel, Lucerne, Portland, Edmonton, Manchester, Sydney, or elsewhere, we’ve got you covered with quality online English to Swiss German translation services. Our project managers are ready to assist you 24/7.


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