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Franco-Provençal is a Romance language in the same group as Piedmontese, Occitan, and French. It’s spoken in the area where Switzerland, Italy, and France meet. Although the number of its speakers is decreasing, Franco-Provençal still has a long history in the region. can now say that we are ready for any Franco-Provençal translation services. To learn more about our process or get a quote, contact us today.

A Minority Romance Language

Franco-Provençal (also known as Arpitan or Romand) is one of the langues d’oïl alongside Gallo, Walloon, and Picard. It’s not known when Franco-Provençal became separate from Latin, but it has appeared in writing since the 12th century. Today, the French government recognizes Franco-Provençal as a regional language and part of the nation’s cultural heritage. In Italy, the language has both legal recognition and protection on both the federal level and the regional level in the Aosta Valley.

While the use of Franco-Provençal is declining overall, it is still spoken in daily conversation in the Aosta Valley of northwest Italy by roughly 68,000 people. Because of the lack of legal recognition and geographic range, Franco-Provençal never developed its own uniform orthography.

Good Communication in Franco-Provençal

With several orthographies to consider and a wide geographic range, it can be a challenge to find high-quality Franco-Provençal translation services. Although Franco-Provençal expertise is rare, can offer the most accurate communication for Franco-Provençal.

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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