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The Best Translation Team in Denmark


Our translation team is here to help Danes from all over.

Sandwiched between the larger countries of Germany and Sweden, Denmark is often overlooked, but it shouldn’t be. We here at are fond of Denmark, not only for Tvoli Gardens and LEGOLAND but also for all the country’s rich history, including Frederiksborg Castle and Den Gamle By. Denmark is a beautiful northern European country filled with an ambitious populace that always strives for excellence, whether in academia, business, literature, or other domains. Our translators would love to help Danes translate their important documents to or from hundreds of languages.

We offer translation services for more languages than you can even think of. We work with Danish, of course, as well as neighboring languages like German, Swedish, Norwegian, and Dutch, but also languages on the other side of the world, like Malay, Hindi, and Yoruba, as well as endangered languages like Hawaiian and Sámi!

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There’s no translation project in Denmark we can’t accommodate.

No matter who you are or where you’re located in Denmark, our expert translators are eager to help you make your work known around the world. Our team is filled with specialists in different areas of translation, allowing us to cater to the needs of scholars, business leaders, and creatives alike, whether they’re in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense, or anywhere else in the country of Denmark.

·        Anyone in Denmark who wants to pursue higher education knows where to go—Copenhagen University, Aarhus University, Aalborg University, the University of Southern Denmark, or another one of Denmark’s many renowned educational institutes. They also know where to go when they need great academic translation services—to us! We have a robust team of academic translators who specialize in different areas, so no matter what your discipline is, we can handle the technical terminology it entails.

·        As a wealthy, advanced European nation, Denmark has cultivated a healthy economy, and countless Danes work tirelessly every day to advance their business ventures and grow the Danish economy even further. We have a slew of passionate business translators on our team who would love to help native Danes internationalize their corporate endeavors or assist foreign CEOs with setting up new business operations in Denmark. From business reports to press releases, we translate it all.

·        Denmark may be famous for Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid, but in fact, the country is teeming with literary excellency—whether it’s fairy tales, novels, and poems, or modern media like movies, TV shows, and games. Whatever stories you want to tell from Denmark—or tell to a Danish-speaking audience—our literary translators can help you translate to or from hundreds of languages.

·        Denmark’s high-quality healthcare system relies on its hardworking medical professionals who toil away in healthcare niches from pediatrics to internal medicine. Medical translation is a persistent need for Denmark’s hard-working healthcare workers, but unfortunately, finding the right experts can be tricky, as the technical language is often too complex for most translators. But Danish medical personnel need not fret. Our top-notch medical translation partner company provides reliable and confidential medical translation in various subfields.

·        Whether it’s immigration law, family law, or corporate law, there’s not a single legal niche that isn’t filled with complex and esoteric vocabulary that goes over the heads of the majority of laypeople. Danish legal experts know this, and it’s why they understand that they can’t trust just any old translator when it comes to their legal documents. That’s why we’ve struck up a partnership with a top legal translation services provider. If you’re in Denmark and need accurate and confidential translation services, we’re here for you.

·        Given how advanced, developed, safe, and wealthy Denmark is, it’s no surprise that immigrants from all over the world flock to this Scandinavian nation. But immigration isn’t simple, and it often necessitates certified translations of official paperwork like passports, birth certificates, marriage licenses, and more. Luckily for immigrants to Denmark (or Danes emigrating to other countries), our team provides reliable certified translation services for a number of languages.

·        Denmark is at the cutting edge of technology, helping to push the world forward with innovative software programs, apps, websites, games, and other digital content. Unfortunately, though, Danish-language products can’t penetrate the international market, which is where our localization team steps in, helping Danish content creators localize their digital media for the whole world.

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Trust our team for the best translations.

The key ingredient that makes us such a great resource for anyone in Denmark seeking translation services is our phenomenal team. We source our translators from all over the world, picking the best translation talent from every country and language. Our team members go beyond simple translation. Many of them specialize in specific types of translation, and we also have a wealth of team members who have expertise in additional disciplines, allowing us to cater to clients with technically dense texts.

Nearly six million people live in Denmark (including Greenland and the Faroe Islands, which are under Danish control), which is a lot of people. At, we’re eager to serve as many people in Denmark as we can. Whether you’re looking for academic translation, business translation, literary translation, or any other type of translation services, our team can happily provide tailored and affordable translation services around the clock.

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May we offer you a free sample?

There’s no need to take a risk on us when you can easily check out a free sample of our translation skills! We’ll translate whatever text you want. Just send us your document, and we’ll translate a snippet for free. Like it? Then feel free to continue with a paid order!

We’d love to provide a free sample. Reach out now to request yours!

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