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Copenhagen, Denmark, Professional Translation Services


See what “quality translation” truly means.

Here at, we have many Danish translators waiting to flex their translation muscles and show Copenhagen
professionals, students, and creative writers what it’s like to work with the top-rated translation service on the Internet. Just take a stroll along the Langelinie promenade and gaze at the Little Mermaid statue or go out to Tivoli Gardens for an afternoon of fun while you await the return of your professional, accurate translation.

You’ve probably used machine translation services, such as Google Translate. Not exactly impressive, right? Don’t worry: with us, your document will be strictly handled only by experienced human translators who have the uniquely human intuition to produce a high-quality and natural translation that stays true to the style and tone of the original text. What’s more, the accuracy of our translators doesn’t fluctuate based on how commonly the language is spoken—we can translate even more obscure languages, such as
Kazakh, Yoruba, and Burmese. Our team’s expertise in supplementary fields even allows us to offer specialized translation services in legal translation, business translation, and more.

Take the first step and ask us about a quote for our translation services.


We’re the go-to solution for translation in Denmark.

Our services aren’t restricted to only Copenhagen—
business leaders, scholars, and authors from throughout Hovedstaden as well as the rest of Denmark (including Greenland and the Faroe Islands!) are equally welcome to take advantage of our unique, reputable translation services.

  • Let us help you translate your journal article into English or your research questionnaire into German. Our academic translation team specializes in the inner workings of academic translation, including the formatting required of your field and the academic standards in your target language. We can help professors, researchers, and students at such prestigious institutes as the University of Copenhagen, IT University of Copenhagen, and Metropolitan University College, regardless of their field. Sociology? Geography? Computer science? Our academic translators can handle all of those.


  • We want to help companies in the City of Spires flourish, and one of the best ways we do that is by offering top-notch business translation for press releases, white papers, web content, and more. It doesn’t matter whether your business is in Copenhagen’s city center or Vesterbro: professional translations will attract new customers and result in more sales.


  • The Little Mermaid has been translated into more than 150 other languages. If you’re an author or screenwriter working on the next Danish masterpiece, we’d be honored to help you disseminate it around the world. Our creative translation service helps authors of biographies, memoirs, short stories (including fairy tales!), and any other type of literary art.


  • Whether it’s pediatrics, hematology, immunology, or something else, medical translation is a particularly tricky field of translation, and it demands the utmost precision. The translators at our partner medical translation company are experts in both translation and medicine, making them the ideal professionals to supply Copenhagen medical professionals with reliable translations of patient interviews, pre-op surgery instructions, and more.


  • Law is complicated no matter the subfield—family law, banking law, or anything else. The legal translators who work for the legal translation agency we partner with know all about Danish law, as well as about legal translation from Danish to English, English to German, Swedish to English, and many other language combinations. They also maintain the strictest level of confidentiality.


  • Copenhagen, as the capital of the prosperous Scandinavian country of Denmark, welcomes countless immigrants each year. Most need to translate their certificates of marriage or divorce, diplomas, or other official documents to meet the strict standards of the Danish government. We’re pleased to declare that all translations prepared by our certified translation services undergo a stringent quality check and are guaranteed for accuracy.


  • Why not branch out and allow people who don’t speak Danish to browse your website? We can provide professional website translation services for all types of websites, whether it’s for your business, yourself, or anyone else.

We’ll take care of all your translation-related needs, so you don’t have to.

Contact us now, and tell us about your translation project.


Skilled translation requires skilled translators.

It’s our job to hand-pick the best translators from all over the world and bring them to you in Copenhagen. When we say “best,” we’re not just talking about translation talent—we also select our translators for their knowledge in other subjects to ensure the accuracy of their work, whatever the field.

There are 606,057 people in Copenhagen, and that means there are 606,057 people who might require translation services for their
company, graduate paper, novel manuscript, or anything else. For people all across Hovedstaden and Denmark, our team is here to make sure you aren’t restricted to the Danish-speaking world. Our translations will help you reach people on the opposite side of the world or the other side of Copenhagen.

Today’s the day to order translation services.

We’d be happy to provide more information or a quote upon request.


See how good we are without paying a single krone.

It’s nerve-wracking to commit to a paid translation order without knowing for sure that we’re as good as we say. No problem. We’re so confident in our skills that we’ll offer you a short translation sample to prove our worth.

Just ask for a translation sample, and you shall receive a translation sample.

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