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English to Basque Translation Services


The Basque Country of Spain and France is quickly becoming one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe. Despite being spoken in France and Spain, Basque is not related to French or Spanish and is a total language isolate. This makes finding translators ready to work with Basque quite a challenge.


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People in the Basque Country show a great deal of pride in their unique language. In fact, the language has been undergoing a revival since the 1960s and is seen as an important part of their culture. As such, being able to communicate and market to a Basque-speaking audience could give your business an edge. To get the advantage you want, you can rely on translation from for a wide variety of needs.


English to Basque translation services we provide


Our team of experienced translators is ready to help with the following projects:


  • Legal documents. We partner with a team of translators specializing in legal texts, who have the experience and training needed to handle legal documents. These include wills and trusts, real estate documentation, financial statements, or any other legal documents you may need translated.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Bilbao, San Sebastian, Vitoria-Gasteiz, or anywhere else in the world; has the expertise needed to carry out your translation with the utmost accuracy.


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