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English to Hausa Translation Services


With more than 45 million native speakers and about 20 million second-language speakers, Hausa is not only the most widely spoken indigenous language in West Africa but also the second-most widely spoken indigenous language on the African continent (the first being Swahili). Large populations of speakers can be found in Niger, Chad, and Northern Nigeria, with smaller populations of speakers in Cameroon, Ghana, and Sudan. In Niger, Hausa is a national language and constitutes the most widely spoken language in the country. Having your material expertly translated into Hausa can help expose it to an enormous audience.


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Unlike other languages in West Africa, such as Igbo, Yoruba, and Fula, Hausa belongs to the Afro-Asiatic language family, alongside Arabic and Amharic. More specifically, it’s a Chadic language, with a number of peculiarities in its grammatical structure. For example, Hausa uses separate subject pronouns for each verb tense. Additionally, the language makes a strong distinction between sentences that do and do not contain a verb. Thankfully, our team of translators is well versed in these subtle grammatical nuances and is experienced in producing flowing and natural Hausa translations.


Translation Services We Offer


  • Business materials. Grow your audience in West Africa with marketing materials, product information, brochures, and more translated into the native language of potential clients.

  • Digital content. Distinguish your project from others by providing Hausa-language material online. Our team has years of experience adapting and localizing online content such as government websites, apps, retail sites, product reviews, and more.


Don’t miss the chance to bring your organization to the attention of almost 65 million people with high-quality English to Hausa translation services. Our team can tailor their services to your needs whether you’re in Niamey, Sokoto, Maradi, or anywhere else.


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