English to Welsh Translation Services

In recent years, the Welsh language has seen an enormous resurgence throughout Wales. Today, large parts of the country's population are embracing Welsh not only as part of their national heritage but also for daily communication. While almost all Welsh speakers are bilingual, many feel more comfortable engaging with material in Welsh. That makes it essential to use expert English-to-Welsh translation services if you want to reach this audience. And that’s exactly what we offer here at TranslationServices.com.


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Welsh has its origins as a Celtic language like Irish, Scottish Gaelic, and Breton. Today, Welsh is one of the most widely used Celtic languages, with roughly 850,000 speakers in the United Kingdom and Argentina. While the majority of Welsh speakers live in northern and western Wales, there’s also a large population of Welsh speakers living in the Chubut province of Argentina. These speakers of “Patagonian Welsh” are the descendants of Welsh settlers who came to Argentina in the 1800s.


What to Consider When Translating into Welsh


Translation into Welsh comes with its own unique considerations. Unlike most larger languages, Welsh has no unified written standard. It also has numerous dialects that differ not only in vocabulary but also in grammar. At the same time, Welsh uses two distinct styles, or registers, when conveying information, which also differ considerably. Additionally, translators must take into consideration the language’s history of writing, which goes back several hundred years. With all these factors to consider, it can be challenging to find a Welsh translation service that can provide natural-sounding Welsh translations. The team of dedicated and experienced translators at TranslationServices.com understands the unique challenges and difficulties of translating from English into Welsh for a wide range of materials. 


Some of the Ways We Support Clients with Welsh Translations


  • Localization. As more of our lives move online, it’s essential to work with a high-quality localization service. Our team of Welsh translators regularly works on materials like apps and games while paying attention to new trends in vocabulary and language use.

  • Websites. In recent years, Welsh has gained a sizable presence online that only shows signs of growing. As such, our team is ready to translate websites into Welsh so they feel natural and contextually appropriate to Welsh speakers. We can work with all kinds of e-commerce sites, government websites, blogs, and other web content.


For any documents you need translated from English into Welsh, we’ll work to meet the needs of your project. We can help you reach audiences in Cardiff, Bangor, Rhyl, or anywhere else. With our team at TranslationServices.com, you can always expect excellent-quality translations that convey the message you want to send. You can receive a free quote or ask questions by messaging us now.