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Standard French to English Translation Services

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French is one of the most learned languages in the world. The language’s positive reputation around the world—a romantic image of class and elegance—attracts admirers the world over, who trudge through dizzying verb conjugation charts toward fluency in French. However, there remain many more people who never learn French. So, if you’re a French business, academic, content creator, or individual who wants to spread your message or share your content with non-French speakers, translation services are imperative.

As a global language, French comes in many varieties, including Canadian French, Swiss French, Belgian French, and African French, but the primary variant comes from France, the language’s linguistic homeland. Known as Standard French, the dialect spoken in France is the “default” variant of the language, reigning supreme as the prestige dialect. Most translation services involving French work with Standard French. Here at, we too work with Standard French (in addition to other varieties), with a skilled team of experienced translators ready to translate your documents in Standard French into English. For any type of content in Standard French, we’re your key to a wider international audience.

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Translations from Standard French for all kinds of content

Since we manage several specialized French translation teams covering a wide range of domains, no matter what field you work in or what kind of content you need translated from Standard French, we’re confident we can skillfully fulfill your needs. If you’re looking for academic translation, we have a dedicated academic translation team with vast experience translating dissertations, essays, journal articles, academic reports, research surveys, and more from Standard French to English. We work with professors and scholars from France’s top universities, helping them further their work internationally.

If you’re a business in France, our Standard French translators can help you branch out into the global market with English translations of your business documents and promotional material. From business plans, HR documents, and contracts to press releases, web copy, and scripts for commercials, our Standard French business translators will smoothly translate your business texts from Standard French to English.

Perhaps you’re a content creator, such as a novelist, poet, filmmaker, TV producer, or game developer.  If you want to garner an international audience for your creation, our team will help you translate your script or manuscript from Standard French to flowing, engaging, natural-sounding English. No matter the genre or type of your creative project, our Standard French translators are passionate about providing high-quality translations.

Benefit from our carefully vetted Standard French translation team

Here at, we place significant value on quality and reliability. We’ve sourced the most skilled Standard French translators from every corner of France, and we’ve put them to the test to ensure they really do perform as well as their CV implies. The translators we accept onto our team have impressed us with their translation prowess, leveraging their vast experience and keen attention to detail to ensure reliable, accurate, and natural-sounding translations for any field or domain. We also make sure to hire translators who are subject-matter experts in diverse fields, which means we can even translate technical subject matter from Standard French to English.

If you want to get started with high-quality Standard French to English translation services, contact us today.

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