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Canadian French to English Translation Services


Although Canada is officially bilingual, with both French and English as official languages, finding a quality translation service that specializes in Canadian French can be difficult. Many translation agencies treat Canadian French as an extension of European French. At, however, we understand that Canadian French is its own distinct entity that requires specific skills and attention to produce accurate translations.


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Since English is widely spoken throughout Canada, it may be tempting to translate your own materials or use less experienced services, but that would be a mistake. can support your project with our team of experienced translators who specialize in a range of materials for various audiences. That means we can tailor your translation to suit your intended audience as well as the content you’re working with. If your goal is to reach two billion people worldwide, using a Canadian French to English translation service with experience and expertise can make all the difference.



Materials We Translate from Canadian French to English


  • Academic work. We support researchers, academics, and professors by translating their work into the global lingua franca. We’ve worked with academics from l’Université de Montréal, l’Université Laval, and more to bring their findings to an international readership.


  • Business and marketing materials. Different audiences require different content for business and marketing. We can tailor your message for advertisements, brochures, product information, customer reviews, and more.


  • Literary works. We recognize that Canadian French has developed its own unique literary tradition, and to help bring works in this sphere to a global audience, we translate plays, short stories, novels, and more.


Our team of translators can work to support your project whether you’re based in Montreal, Quebec City, Gatineau, or anywhere else. We take the time to ensure our translations meet your expectations.


To learn how we can help you, get more information, or receive a free quote, message us now.

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