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Nahuatl is Mexico’s most widely spoken language after Spanish, with more than 1.7 million speakers. Previously, Nahuatl was the lingua franca of the Aztec Empire as well as the primary written language, with huge swaths of documents, chronicles, and poetry written in Nahuatl since at least the 16th century. Today, Nahuatl is mostly spoken by the Nahua people in central Mexico. Moreover, in the La Huasteca region and the state of Guerrero, Nahuatl is the primary language of communication in many communities, with up to a quarter of the population not speaking any Spanish. Thus, to reach this audience, you can’t rely on Spanish translation alone.


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Linguists classify Nahuatl as an Uto-Aztecan language, putting it in the same group as Hopi and Comanche. As a member of this language family, the language features highly complex grammar that can be extremely challenging to translate accurately into English. For instance, Nahuatl is considered a polysynthetic language, which means that words can be formed by long chains of prefixes and suffixes, much like in Yupik, Navajo, and Arapaho. Likewise, Nahuatl verbs express not only time and aspect but also information about the subject, object, and direct object of a given action. As a result, almost any kind of word in Nahuatl can stand in for an entire sentence in English.


Some Material We Translate into Nahuatl


  • Websites. Make sure that you have an easy-to-reach and easy-to-understand presence online. We provide translations for e-commerce sites, online advertisements, government websites, and more.

  • Surveys. We provide Nahuatl translations for surveys for government agencies, academic research, commercial enterprises, and just about anything else.


Whether you want to extend your reach to Hidalgo, Puebla, and Guerrero or anywhere else Nahuatl is spoken, our team of translators can support your project. Feel confident that your materials are being managed by a team of expert translators with years of experience and a deep understanding of the intricacies of Nahuatl translation work. Message us today to ask about your own project or get a free quote.