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English to Lao Translation Services

A major language of Southeast Asia


Once called Laotian, Lao is a hugely important language in Southeast Asia. Today, Lao has more than 30 million speakers around the world. The majority live in Laos, and sizable populations of Lao speakers also reside in Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Within Laos, Lao is used as the common language for the nation’s various ethnic groups, including the Khmu, the Hmong, and the Puthai.


While French is still often used in official settings in Laos, to reach most of the population, you’ll need to use Lao. For that, you’ll need reliable and high-quality English to Lao translation services. You can always look to to take care of your Lao communication needs.

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As a Kra-Dai language, Lao is closely related to Thai, Isan, and Shan. This means Lao has a complex system for marking politeness and countable nouns. Additionally, the language has a wholly unique writing system that was developed from the Khmer alphabet and is especially suited to its sounds and grammar. This, combined with the fact that Lao has no official written standard, makes finding expert Lao translation services difficult. While these features require the right level of attention and familiarity, you can always expect the best Lao translation with

A sample of materials we can translate into Lao


  • Business documents. We have the necessary experience to translate business documents into Lao. These include financial plans, business reports, fiscal records, and more.

  • Marketing materials. It’s always best to advertise to potential customers in their native language and to make sure the translation preserves your intended message. Our team is experienced at translating advertisements, brochures, and packaging to suit the needs of Lao-speaking audiences.

  • Legal documents. Translating legal documents into Lao requires specific knowledge of the appropriate terminology as well as Laotian legal conventions. We have partnered with a legal translation agency whose translators are ready for the task of translating contracts, letters of intent, privacy policies, and other legal documents. can help you. It doesn’t matter if you’re aiming to communicate with audiences in Vientiane, Pakse, Savannakhet, or Paris; we are ready to satisfy your translation needs. Our team has the experience needed to take on the unique challenges of translating your documents into Lao.


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