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You Can Now Access Haryanvi Translation Services From Us

Not everyone in India speaks Hindi. In fact, many people in India don’t speak Hindi. The language is used widely as a lingua franca in the north of the South Asian country, but all across the southern and northeastern parts of the incredibly diverse nation, Hindi is hardly used at all. However, even in the northern-central part of India, where Hindi is spoken widely as a native language, there’s an abundance of minority languages. While the Indian government may classify some of them as Hindi dialects, linguists recognize many of them as fully fledged languages, like Haryanvi.

With 10 million native speakers, Haryanvi is no small language, even though it’s dwarfed by the regional lingua franca of Hindi. The language bears significant similarities to Hindi—enough so that it’s often considered a dialect of Hindi—which impacts its prominence, influence, and, ultimately, vitality. However, Haryanvi enjoys a better standing than most Indian minority languages, with a strong presence in Indian cinema, TV, music, and academia, and the language’s success has even attracted a number of learners. Sadly, translation firms tend to overlook this prominent Indian tongue—but not us at

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Learning a little more about Haryanvi

Haryanvi is native to northern-central India, in the same general area as Hindi but a bit further north. Its nexus is in the aptly named state of Haryana, but significant migration of Haryanvi speakers from Haryana and Delhi to Pakistan has resulted in millions of Haryanvi speakers in Pakistan today, particularly in the Punjabi districts of Pakpattan, Sahiwal, Okara, Bahawalpur, and Multan. This makes Haryanvi a transnational language, and accordingly, the writing standards differ for Haryanvi speakers in India and Pakistan, with Indian Haryanvi speakers using the Devanagari script and Pakistani Haryanvi speakers preferring the Nastaliq version of the Arabic script.

You may be surprised to know that Haryanvi is related to English—although only distantly. It’s much more closely related to Hindi, so much so that it’s considered a dialect, grouped into the Western Hindi branch of Indo–European languages. It bears significant similarities with other minority languages in the region, such as Kauravi and Braj, but Haryanvi rises far above them, given its large number of speakers and prominence in Indian pop culture. Haryanvi is considered even more closely related to Urdu than Hindi, although Urdu and Hindi are considered dialects of the same Hindustani language.

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As Haryanvi grows in prominence and popularity across India, demand for Haryanvi translation services is rising—but most translation agencies don’t accommodate this Indian minority language. Here at, not only do we feature a dedicated Haryanvi translation team, but we do our best to offer maximally flexible translation services, with coverage of Haryanvi dialects all over India and Pakistan. Indeed, our experienced translators hail from both South Asian countries, with their pride and passion for their native language uniting them across the border.

Whether you’re looking for translation services from English to Haryanvi or from Haryanvi to English, we’re ready to help. We can help clients from all over India, Pakistan, and the world, no matter what sector they’re coming to us from—the business world, the academic sphere, the literary realm, or beyond. That’s because we’ve hired Haryanvi translators across all sorts of translation domains, boasting different types of translation expertise. And Haryanvi translation isn’t the only field our translators know—many of those on our Haryanvi translation team are also specialized in other disciplines, meaning they can skillfully navigate any esoteric language that your document may contain. All you have to do is inform us if you’re looking for a Haryanvi translator with specialized knowledge in a particular area.

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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