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We’ve Just Started Offering Puno Quechua Translation Services

Centuries ago, the Americas were populated top to bottom with a diverse array of native ethnolinguistic groups, each practicing their own unique culture and speaking their own unique language. The arrival of European colonizers wreaked havoc on the linguistic and cultural landscape of the lands, and today, European languages dominate in every country in the Americas. Most indigenous Amerindian languages today are severely endangered, spoken by only a few hundred or thousand people, so you may be surprised to learn that Quechua, an indigenous South American language, boasts nearly 7 million speakers.

Most Quechua speakers use Southern Quechua, which accounts for around 5 million of the cluster’s overall speakers. But given that it’s spoken over a wide range in multiple countries, Southern Quechua has fractured into several dialects with varying mutual intelligibility, and one of those dialects is Puno Quechua. With more than 500,000 native speakers, Puno Quechua is a major variety of Southern Quechua, and notably, about 100,000 people are even monolingual in the Amerindian language. But Amerindian languages tend to be overlooked internationally, so despite Puno Quechua’s large community, few translation services exist for it. That’s something that we here at are endeavoring to change with our new Puno Quechua translation team.

People interested in our Puno Quechua translation services may reach out to our team and request a free quote anytime.

Let’s take a closer look at Puno Quechua.

Southern Quechua is spoken across areas of Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile, with Peru and Bolivia accounting for the majority of the Southern Quechua community. Puno Quechua, which may also be called Quechua Collao (Qullaw) is concentrated in southern Peru, near the border with Bolivia. Puno is a culturally rich city on the shores of Lake Titicaca and was a key civilization during the pre-Inca period, inhabited by the Aymara people. Inca expansion brought Quechua to the region.

Puno Quechua, and all varieties of Quechua, is a grammatically complex language with an array of affixes creating great depth and nuance in sentences. The default word order is subject-object-verb, and both the subject and object are marked on verbs. Evidentially is another key feature of Puno Quechua and its siblings, where suffixes are added to verbs to indicate how the speaker knows the information (direct evidence, conjecture, or hearsay). Quechua nouns accommodate more than a dozen cases, and the first-person plural pronoun (equivalent of “we”) comes in two versions, depending on whether the addressee is included in the “we.”

Our Puno Quechua translation team is here for all your Puno Quechua translation projects.

We’re proud to work with native speakers of Puno Quechua from all around Puno and other parts of Peru, bringing you high-quality Puno Quechua translation services you can rely on. Our translators are passionate about their native language, and they love helping foreigners from around the world connect with their people, as well as aiding fellow Puno Quechua speakers in transmitting their messages to the wider world. Indeed, we translate both to Puno Quechua and from Puno Quechua, depending on what you’re looking for.

What are your reasons for looking into Puno Quechua translation services? Maybe you want to set up a branch of your business in Puno and would love a unique way to connect with locals—or perhaps you already run a company in Puno and need translations from Puno Quechua to take operations abroad. Perhaps you’re a researcher who’d like to interview the locals in Puno and nearby areas, and you need professional Puno Quechua translation services to achieve this. It could be that you want to share stories and literature in Puno Quechua—whether it’s traditional folktales or contemporary literature—or perhaps you’ve created works such as novels, poems, games, websites, or apps in English and would like to cater them to a Puno Quechua audience. For all your Puno Quechua translation needs, we’re eager to help.

If you reach out today, we can get started immediately on your Puno Quechua translation project! Why wait?


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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