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We’re Ready to Debut Our Ngas Translation Services

With more than 520 languages spoken within its West African borders, Nigeria stands as the most linguistically diverse country in Africa. Naturally, many of these languages are small, even endangered, but many of Nigeria’s languages are spoken by large numbers of people as well. Unfortunately, the majority are underserved, overlooked on the global stage, with scarce resources or translation services to speak of. Ngas is one of Nigeria’s mid-sized indigenous languages, and it’s the one we’re looking at today.

Ngas—or Angas, as some call it—has about 400,000 native speakers, all in the most populous nation in Africa: Nigeria. It’s surrounded by other, smaller indigenous languages, and although English and Hausa are used as common lingua francas in the region, Ngas is considered a “vigorous” language, meaning it’s used widely among its speakers and isn’t under threat of extinction, at least for now. It’s still important to support the language to safeguard its continued flourishment, however, and that’s why we at are proud to introduce our new Ngas translation services.

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What’s Ngas like as a language? Here’s a quick overview.

Ngas speakers are mostly found in Nigeria’s Plateau State, found in the center of the country, although some speakers also live in Nasarawa and Kaduna. It’s one of the biggest indigenous languages in the state, although it’s been substantially influenced by neighboring Tarok, which is used as a local lingua franca. Ngas is divided into two main dialects: Hill Ngas and Plain Ngas. Unlike Tarok, which is a Plateau language of the Niger–Congo family, Ngas belongs to the Afroasiatic family, like Hausa, Arabic, and Hebrew.

Ngas structures its sentences in a subject-verb-object word order, which is common to Chadic languages like Ngas but not other Afroasiatic languages. The noun always takes precedence in a Ngas sentence, with adjectives, demonstratives (e.g., “this” or “that”), and numerals all coming after the noun. Words in the language exhibit minimal inflection, with plural nouns and verbal tenses expressed through separate particles rather than prefixes or suffixes, although Ngas does feature possessive suffixes on nouns. Since Ngas is so different from English, translation often gets tricky, but native-speaking Ngas translators can handle the challenge—so just leave it to our team.

If you need Ngas translation services, we’re here for you.

We’ve hired a wide range of Ngas translators from all over Nigeria’s Plateau State, with the goal of supporting the diverse translation needs of our clients from different walks of life. Our Ngas translators are native speakers of the Afroasiatic language, with some representing the Hill Ngas dialect and others the Plain Ngas variant. With passion and care, our Ngas translators work with documents from all sorts of fields and domains, translating them both to or from Ngas—the direction is your choice.

Our Ngas translation services also span a wide range of domains, including academia, business, literature, digital media, and beyond, so no matter what kind of translation services you’re looking for, you can find them with us. If you’re an academic looking to conduct studies in Plateau State, why not work with our academic translators? If you’re a business or other organization eying the region, our business translators can help you prepare your marketing materials for a Ngas-speaking audience. For our clients who work in literature, our literary translators can faithfully translate all sorts of creative works—novels, poems, short stories, and more—to or from Ngas to widen your audience and bring your narratives to new people. Whatever you’re looking for in Ngas translation services, our team is eager to serve you.

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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