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We’re Proud to Offer Specialized Translation Services for Tulu

India is one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world. With close to 450 languages, many of which have developed on the Indian subcontinent over millennia, India is home to a plethora of different cultures and ethnic groups. While people might know the big-name languages like Hindi, Punjabi, and Tamil, smaller Indian languages are also spoken by large swaths of people, such as Tulu, with around 1.8 million speakers. However, without official status, Tulu faces struggles to thrive.

It’s not easy to find Tulu translation services, because most translation agencies—even those that cater to India—don’t offer smaller languages like Tulu. But that doesn’t mean the Tulu language is any less valuable than the big Indian languages. At, we’re passionate about all languages, and that’s why we understand the value of professional Tulu translation services. Our Tulu translators love translating documents to and from their rich language, no matter the subject.

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Discover the world of Tulu

Tulu is a Dravidian language in an area unofficially known as Tulu Nadu, which stretches along the western coast of northern Kerala and southern Karnataka. Even though Tulu speakers are often counted as Kannada speakers in the official census, Tulu contains various features not found in Kannada, making it quite divergent. For example, Tulu includes pluperfect and future perfect forms without the help of an auxiliary verb. Tulu also features three genders and eight cases, including the rare communicative, or sociative, case. Verbal conjugation is similarly complicated, with five tenses and six moods in addition to inflection for person, number, and gender.

Another area of complexity regarding Tulu comes by way of its writing system. Historically, Tulu was written in the Tigalari script, which bears a high degree of similarity to its sister script, the Malayalam script. In modern times, Tulu is typically written in the Kannada script, since many Tulu speakers live in Karnataka, an officially Kannada-speaking state. Contemporary literature, for example, is written in the Kannada script. However, there has also been renewed interest in reviving the historical Tigalari script.

Translating Tulu isn’t easy—that’s why you need a professional to do it. Fortunately, our Tulu translation team is filled with such professionals.

Tulu translations to meet any needs

Our Tulu translation services offer the full package. Our translators are here to translate both into Tulu and out of it, allowing them to serve both local Tulu speakers and people from all over the world looking to engage Tuluvas (the Tulu people). Perhaps you’re a Tulu speaker who needs a Tulu-language message translated for an international audience, or maybe you’re a historian who wants to translate Tulu literature written in the historical Tigalari script. You could be a researcher who wants to disseminate a survey to a Tulu-speaking population, or perhaps you’re a digital content creator who wants to localize your material for Tulu Nadu. Whatever your reason for seeking Tulu translation services, we’ll work hard to produce high-quality Tulu translations.

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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