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Kannada to English Translation Services


With more than 55 million speakers throughout India and the world, Kannada is one of India’s most widely spoken languages and the lingua franca in the state of Karnataka. We at can help bring Kannada-language materials to a global audience with our Kannada to English translation services.


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The Kannada language has been a distinct language for more than one thousand years and has an extensive history of writing. Aside from being the language of Karnataka, it’s one of the scheduled languages of India. That means it’s used as the official and primary language in its home state, where it’s the main language of communication for most of the population.


For businesses in the region that want to reach a broader audience and compete on a global scale, English is essential. That means it’s important for them to use the Kannada to English translation service that matches their needs and has the right level of experience. provides Kannada to English translation for...


  • Academic materials. We’ve worked with academics from Bangalore University as well as Kannada University on research papers and dissertations to reach global audiences.

  • Tourism materials. We have worked with numerous travel and tourism agencies, hotels, and resorts to translate their materials into English, attract more global visitors, and enable tourists to have the best experiences.

  • Business documents. We work to help businesses attract investors as well as customers from around the world with our translation of business documents. Our services include translating business plans, financial reports, and bank statements.


We are ready to help you and your business anywhere in the world. If you’re in Hubli–Dharwad, Hyderabad, Bangalore, or anywhere else, you can be sure that will offer a competitive price for Kannada to English translation services.


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