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We Now Offer Gallurese Translation Services

Gallurese is a dialect of Corsican spoken on the Italian island of Sardinia, closely related to other smaller varieties such as Sasserese and Logudorese. It also bears a significant influence from other Romance languages like Spanish and Catalan. Although it is a dialect, there are several varieties of Gallurese. Today is proud to say that we can provide any Gallurese communication needs.

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A Dialect of Sardinia

Recognized as a minority language on the island of Sardinia, Gallurese has its home in Gallura. Sometimes Gallurese is described as a dialect of Corsican and at other times as a transitional language between Corsican and Sardinian. In any case, the people of Gallura see the languages as a distinct and important aspect of the region’s identity. Gallurese literature dates back to the early 17th century, mostly in the form of poetry and religious odes. Today, Gallurese is mostly used by older generations and is less often passed down to children.

Effective Communication in Gallurese

Whether Gallurese is a dialect of Corsican or a language in its own right is less important than being able to communicate effectively in it. As such a small language variety, it can be difficult to find translators with the expertise needed for Gallurese. The translators at have the necessary experience and expertise to ensure that any of your Gallurese communication needs will be top notch.

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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