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We Now Offer Sassarese Translation Services

Sassarese is a lesser-known language spoken on the Italian island of Sardinia. is pleased to say that we now offer Sassarese translation services. We have a dedicated and knowledgeable team that can bridge any gap involving Sassarese.

For any questions about Sassarese translation services, contact us here.

Putting Sassarese in the Proper Context

As a minority language with only about 100,000 speakers, most people have never heard of the Sassarese language. Spoken in the northern part of Sardinia, Italy, Sassarese is a Romance language that lies somewhere between Corsican and Sardinian. Despite the similarities to these two larger languages, Sassarese is its own unique tongue with its own history.

This history goes back hundreds of years with Sassarese having been used as a regional lingua franca in the 13th and 14th centuries. As such, the Sassarese language has a rich canon of literature, poetry, theater and folklore. Today, the language is more commonly recognized by its use in canzone sassarese or “Sassarese songs.” This is a music genre that spiked in popularity in the 1960s after being popularized by singer Ginetto Ruzzetta. Additionally, the regional government of Sardinia recognizes Sassarese as an official language.

The Most Experienced Sassarese Translators

Since Sassarese has such a limited pool of speakers, it can be difficult to find adequate translation services for the language. At, we are happy to announce that we can now offer Sassarese translation services. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any of your communication needs related to the Sassarese language.


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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