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Offering Logudorese Translation Services for the First Time

Logudorese Sardinian is a lesser known language that most translation companies don’t provide services for. Now at, we offer translation for any communication needs you might have with Logudorese. Armed with our experience and expertise, we can ensure that any form of communication in the Logudorese language will be easy and precise to read.

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Find Out about the Logudorese Dialect

Logudorese is a dialect and one of the written standards of the Sardinian language. People often describe the dialect as the variety of Sardinian spoken on the northern part of the island. Although all Sardinian dialects share the same Latin roots as Italian and the other Romance languages, they are distinct languages and not mutually intelligible.

Sardinia is an island with a long and extensive history in writing and literature. While the people of Sardinia are taught standard Italian in school, they are still very proud of their native Sardinian language. The language has two major dialects, Campiadanese and Logudorese, with roughly a half-million speakers of each. With that in mind, any dialect of Sardinian is still important.

Get the Best Translations for Logudorese

With such a long history as well as its continuous use, Logudorese remains important today. If you need any assistance with communication in the dialect, is ready to help. Our team of professional translators and specialists can provide any help needed to translate anything in the Logudorese dialect. Feel free to contact us for any needs you might have.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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