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This Is the Debut of Our New Balkan Romani Translation Services

Most languages are centered in a particular geographical area, with many confined within a single country’s borders. Even languages that span the globe, like English, Spanish, or French, are generally concentrated in specific regions or countries, used as the primary language or lingua franca of the area. All across the world, you can find minority languages spoken straddling the borders of multiple countries, but even these are generally restricted to a particular region, albeit transnational. But Romani is different, and today we’re looking at the Balkan variant of this incredibly unique language.

Balkan Romani is the largest variant of the Romani language, claiming around 600,000 native speakers and an additional 200,000 non-native speakers. It’s not hard to guess that the language is spoken in the Balkans, but it spans the entirety of this southeastern European region, with small communities of Balkan Romani people living in all the different Balkan countries. They’re mixed in with the Vlax Romani people, who speak another major variant of Romani called Vlax Romani. The nature of Romani, which renders it as a minority language in all the countries it’s used in, leaves it with scarce resources and few translation services.

That’s where we at in. Balkan Romani deserves great translation services just like any other language, and we’re proud to provide that with our Balkan Romani translation team.

Don’t wait to see a free quote for our Balkan Romani translation services—reach out and ask today!

Here’s why Balkan Romani is such a unique language.

Though Balkan Romani is, of course, spoken in southeastern Europe, the Romani people actually originated in India. A nomadic people, they gradually migrated to Anatolia and Europe, where the majority of Romani people live today. Balkan Romani is spoken by communities of Romani people in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Russia, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Turkey, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, and Ukraine, with the language generally being split into Northern Balkan Romani and Southern Balkan Romani.

Much of Balkan Romani’s vocabulary has Persian roots, but Turkish has also had a profound impact on the language’s lexical makeup. Turkish and Greek have also heavily influenced Balkan Romani’s grammar, with Turkish conjugation patterns deeply embedded into the tongue. Similarly, Balkan Romani’s noun endings are derived from Greek. Balkan Romani is seen as a “mixed” language, with its origins in northern India but such heavy influence from other languages, most notably Turkish, Greek, and Persian but also Armenian, that it’s difficult to classify.

We proudly provide tailored Balkan Romani translation services.

The Romani people have long faced discrimination in the various countries they’ve settled in, and their unique language has similarly been met with scorn or disinterest, which results in a lack of reliable translation services today. But we want to make a change. We at scoured the Balkan Romani-speaking communities all across southeastern Europe to find passionate and talented Balkan Romani translators eager to help client with their translation projects, and the result is our Balkan Romani translation team.

Are you looking to translate into Balkan Romani or from Balkan Romani? Romani doesn’t have a strong written tradition, but regardless, if you do have Balkan Romani texts you’d like to have translated, don’t hesitate to send them our way. If you’re looking to produce new material in Balkan Romani, our team will gladly help with that, too. We translate material to and from Balkan Romani no matter the translation domain—that means business documents, educational materials, literary works, personal messages, and even software are all fair game. And since our Balkan Romani translation team is so diverse, featuring translators from all different Balkan countries and walks of life, representing various dialects as well as supplementary fields of knowledge, we can easily handle a wide range of Balkan Romani dialects and documents with technical language.

Let us translate to or from Balkan Romani for you! It all starts with a simple message to our team.


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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