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We’ve Now Launched Vlax Romani Translation Services

Romani is a unique specimen among the world’s 7,000+ languages. Most languages are confined to a single geographical region, with those that have spread to new regions having done so through colonization or mass emigration. Romani is a bit different—it’s not associated with any one particular area. Rather, it’s spread out all across Europe, spoken as a minority language in nearly every European country, despite tracing its origins back to northern India. Naturally, this has given rise to many different Romani dialects, with one of the biggest being Vlax Romani.

Today, Vlax Romani is spoken by roughly 540,000 people, which makes it the second-biggest Romani dialect (the biggest is Balkan Romani, with about 600,000 native speakers). Vlax Romani is spoken in the same general area as Balkan Romani, but different ancestries separate the two dialectical groups—Vlax Romani speakers are believed to have descended from former Roma slaves in the former regions of Moldavia and Wallachia. Despite maintaining a significant number of speakers to this day, Vlax Romani is fractured, split across numerous national borders, and is threatened by the dominant languages in each respective country. That’s why hardly any translation companies work with the language.

At, however, we proudly serve the Vlax Romani-speaking community and anyone who would like translation services to or from the language. Looking for a free quote for our Vlax Romani translation services? Send a message today to request one!

Let’s look a bit deeper into Vlax Romani.

Vlax Romani is principally divided into three dialectical groups: Northern Vlax, Southern Vlax, and Ukrainian Vlax. Ukrainain Vlax is, of course, spoken in Ukraine. The others are divided across several countries: communities of Northern Vlax speakers can be found in Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Norway, Serbia, Italy, Russia, Sweden, and even the US, while Southern Vlax is concentrated in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Italy, and Greece.

Vlax Romani is an Indo–European language, like most languages in Europe, but it comes from the “Indo” side of the family. However, with the nomadic Romani people having lived in Europe for centuries, the language has sustained considerable influence from European languages and is now substantially different from other Indo–Aryan tongues like Hindi or Gujarati. Vlax Romani now shows various tendencies similar to Slavic languages, as many of the countries in which it’s spoken are dominated by Slavic tongues. With two genders and eight cases, the language is quite complicated, much like its Slavic neighbors.

Our Vlax Romani translation services cover documents of all kinds.

If you need Vlax Romani translation services—regardless of why—you’ve come to the right place. We’ve worked hard to build an experienced, flexible, and reliable Vlax Romani that can deliver the translation results you’re looking for, no matter what your project is. Our Vlax Romani translators are proud native speakers of this unique Romani dialect, and they come from Bosnia, Romania, Serbia, Albania, Hungary, Israel, and other countries with a Vlax Romani presence, which means we cater to the many different subdialects of Vlax Romani. And that’s not all—our translation services work in both directions, so we can serve you whether you’re looking for translation into or out of Vlax Romani.

What kinds of documents can we translate? Just about any! From historical documents or traditional tales composed in Vlax Romani to research surveys or community announcements you’d like to translate into Vlax Romani, we can help. If you head an organization in the area and want to engage a Vlax Romani audience, we can help with your linguistically unique marketing campaign. If you’re working to promote the Vlax Romani language, we can help you translate everything from educational materials to books, games, and apps into Vlax Romani, which helps native speakers and learners alike use and acquire the language in more domains. Our passionate translators are eager to help with whatever Vlax Romani translation project you may have.

Why not see what our Vlax Romani translation experts can do for you? Reach out today to discuss your vision.


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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