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We Offer Professional Romani Translation Services

Romani, the Indo–Aryan language of Europe’s Romani people, is rarely offered by translation agencies. However, the language is spoken by more than 3.5 million people spread across Europe, with recognition as a minority language in a whopping 19 countries. The broad geographical reach of the language is due to the Romani people’s traditionally nomadic lifestyle, resulting in Romani communities across Europe and even parts of the Americas and Africa.

While most Romani speak the dominant language of the country they live in, many also speak their native Romani language. At, we believe it’s important for all languages to have access to trustworthy translation services, even if they’re not as profitable for translation agencies as the big languages. So, it is with pride that we offer our professional Romani translation services to Romani and non-Romani clients alike.

To learn more about our Romani translation services, shoot us a message now.

All about the Romani language

Given that the Romani diaspora spans all across Europe and even the world, it should come as no surprise that the Romani language is comprised of many different dialects, and Romani from different countries sometimes can’t understand each other at all. Linguists have identified several dialect groups, chiefly Northern Romani dialects (western and northern Europe, southern Italy, and the Iberian Peninsula), Central Romani dialects (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, western Ukraine, and southeastern Austria), Balkan Romani dialects, and Vlax Romani dialects (historically Wallachia and Transylvania, now spread across Europe and beyond).

Romani is an Indo–European language, like English, but it comes from the Indo side of the family. The vocabulary is a mishmash of Indic and European words, with different Romani dialects adopting words from different European languages. Romani words are classified as masculine or feminine, and the language uses cases to distinguish the function of words in a sentence. Like other Indo–Aryan languages, Romani modifies possessive nouns to agree with the noun they modify and exhibits gender agreement in adjectives and definite articles.

Translating Romani is a tricky task, given the various dialects. But we didn’t let that scare us off. Firm in the belief that the Romani people deserve high-quality translation services, we put together a team of top translators from a wide range of Romani dialects. Reach out to learn more!

Romani translation for anyone, anywhere

Whether you want translation from Balkan Romani to English or from English to Sinte Romani, the team has you covered. Our translation services are available in a number of Romani dialects, and we translate both to and from Romani. This allows historians to translate historical documents and Romani authors to spread their works far and wide, at the same time paving the way for international creators and educators to bring tailored content to different Romani populations.

Why not get started on your Romani translation project today? Contact us to discuss your needs, including the specific Romani dialect you’re working with.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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