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Tepehuán Translation Services: Introducing Our Newest Team

Mexico is a diverse and vibrant country with a rich culture, and the lands that make up modern-day Mexico boast a long history stretching back millennia. Though today, the diverse people of Mexico are generally tied together through their shared language of Spanish, many residents of modern-day Mexico still speak the historical languages that once dominated the land. From big names like Nahuatl and Yucatec Maya to lesser-known tongues like Amuzgo or Zoque, indigenous languages still thrive in Mexico today—and Tepehuán is one of them.

Tepehuán (or Tepehuano) isn’t one language but rather three, although they’re all closely related. Native speakers call their language O’otham, which savvy readers may recognize as almost identical to O’odham, an indigenous tongue spoken in northern Mexico and the southern United States—indeed, the two languages are related. Around 55,000 people in Mexico speak Tepehuán as their first language, according to the Latin American country’s 2020 census, and two separate indigenous radio stations offer programming in Tepehuán, alongside Spanish, Cora, Huichol, Nahuatl, and Tarahumara. However, the language cluster remains endangered, and few translation services exist for them. That’s what we at are here to change: we’d like to introduce our new Tepehuán translation team today.

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What kind of language is Tepehuán?

Most surviving indigenous languages in Mexico are spoken in the south of the country, but Tepehuán is one of the few that remains in northern Mexico, found in the states of Chihuahua and Durango. More specifically, Northern Tepehuán is spoken in the Guadalupe y Calvo and Guachochi regions of Chihuahua and parts of northern Durango, while Southern Tepehuán is spoken in Durango’s Mezquital municipality and southwestern parts of the state. Southern Tepehuán is further broken down into Southeastern Tepehuán and Southwestern Tepehuán, giving us the three distinct Tepehuán languages.

Tepehuán comes from the Uto–Aztecan language family, whose star member is indisputably Nahuatl. Tepehuán’s relation to Nahuatl is distant, but it coexists peacefully with the much smaller Mexicanero language, which bears closer ties to Nahuatl. Many Tepehuán speakers are trilingual in Tepehuán, Mexicanero, and Spanish, in fact.

Tepehuán features a complicated grammatical makeup and, like many other indigenous languages of the Americas, appends numerous suffixes to stem words to create new grammatical meanings. This makes for an informationally dense language bursting with nuance, which can present challenges for translators—so it’s always best to entrust your Tepehuán translation projects to bona fide experts.

Let our Tepehuán translation experts handle your project.

If you’re looking for Tepehuán translation services, it’s important to find a team that can offer high-quality, reliable translations. It’s hard to find Tepehuán translation services in the first place, but we’ve worked hard to put together a team of the best Tepehuán translation talent to help ensure that your Tepehuán translation projects are successful. Whether you need translation for Northern Tepehuán, Southeastern Tepehuán, or Southwestern Tepehuán, let our passionate, native-speaking translation experts help you.

Are you looking for English-to-Tepehuán translation or Tepehuán-to-English translation? Our team is ready to help in both cases, as we hire translators skilled in both directions of translation. We’ve also made sure to hire translators hailing from different areas of translation expertise, be it business translation, academic translation, literary translation, or localization, which means we can confidently accommodate the needs of a diverse clientele. So, no matter what your translation project is—even if it’s a personal message—we’d love to help. And if you’re worried about esoteric vocabulary, such as technical terms or jargon, that may trip up a translator, don’t fret—we hire a diverse range of translators with expertise in different areas, so we just may have the right Tepehuán translator for your project. All you have to do is ask.

Want to experience the best Tepehuán translation services on the web? Simply reach out to us to get started!


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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