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Our Amuzgo Translation Team Is the Newest Addition to Our Translation Services

If asked about the indigenous languages of Mexico, you might think of Nahuatl or the Mayan languages (because, yes, Mayan is an entire language family of about 30 languages, not a single language). But Mexico is an incredibly linguistically diverse land with far more indigenous languages than that. For example, the Oto–Manguean family of southern Mexico is also prominent, featuring major Amerindian languages such as Zapotec, Mixtec, or Otomi. But even smaller languages in the family, such as Amuzgo, are fairly prominent and still spoken vigorously today.

Despite being one of the smaller Oto–Manguean languages, Amuzgo is spoken natively by around 60,000 people, which makes it bigger than all indigenous languages in the US and Canada other than Navajo. To add to that, a significant number of Amuzgo speakers are monolingual, and the language is still steadily passed on to children. Impressively, Amuzgo is so prominent in the region it’s spoken in that even some Spanish and Nahuatl speakers learn it as a second language. But outside of its immediate region, Amuzgo is generally overlooked, including by translation agencies. But not us here at

We’re proud to introduce our Amuzgo translation team, capable of translating both to and from Amuzgo. For a free quote, simply reach out and ask!

Let’s learn a bit more about Amuzgo.

Amuzgo speakers mostly live in the southern states of Guerrero and Oaxaca, with Guerrero housing the vast majority of Amuzgo speakers. In particular, the Amuzgo people live in the Guerrero municipalities of Xochistlahuaca, Tlacoachistlahuaca, and Ometepec, as well as the Oaxaca municipality of San Pedro Amuzgos. Amuzgo is broken into four main dialects: Northern Amuzgo (also known as Guerrero Amuzgo or Xochistlahuaca Amuzgo), Southern Amuzgo, Upper Eastern Amuzgo (also known as Oaxaca Amuzgo or San Pedro Amuzgos Amuzgo), and Lower Eastern Amuzgo (also known as Ipalapa Amuzgo).

Amuzgo is an entirely different world from English, with numerous features that make it tricky for speakers of European languages. For one thing, like other Oto–Manguean languages, Amuzgo is tonal, meaning the tone of a word can change its meaning. Amuzgo also distinguishes between inclusive and exclusive “we”—in other words, it has two words for “we” depending on whether the listener is included. But perhaps trickiest of all is Amuzgo’s active–stative alignment, where the subject of a verb may be treated grammatically the same as the object depending on the level of agency or volition.

Reliable, flexible, and affordable: our Amuzgo translation services

Amuzgo may not be the biggest language in the world, but it’s a culturally important and locally prominent language in southern Mexico, and though other translation companies generally dismiss it, we’re proud to offer professional translation services for Amuzgo. With translators from Guerrero, Oaxaca, and elsewhere in Mexico collectively representing the different dialects of Amuzgo, we’re confident we can help with your Amuzgo translation project, whether you’re looking for English-to-Amuzgo translation or Amuzgo-to-English translation. That’s right: our proud, native-speaking Amuzgo translators can translate in both directions.

Our Amuzgo translation services cover not only all dialects of Amuzgo but also various translation domains, including business, academia, literature, and more. So, if you run a business and you’d like to move operations to southeastern Guerrero, our Amuzgo translators can help you prepare your documents and marketing materials for the local populace—or we can help Amuzgo-speaking businesses branch out beyond the region! We’re also passionate about translating stories and literature in Amuzgo to English, allowing people from around the world to enjoy Amuzgo culture, while also converting English-language books, poems, games, apps, websites, and more into flowing Amuzgo to not only help promote this proud Amerindian language but also to give speakers and learners more avenues to use it. Truly, we pride ourselves on being your go-to Amuzgo translation service.

Why not get started with your Amuzgo translation project today? Tell us all the details in a message!


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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