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We Now Have Our Very Own Cora Translation Services Team

Alongside the Mayans, the Aztecs are the most well-known indigenous ethnic group from Mexico, with tidbits of their unique culture fascinating the rest of the world. Though Aztecan culture is perceived as ancient, the Aztecs are still around today, with more than 1.7 million native speakers of Nahuatl, the largest Aztecan language, as of 2020. And that’s not all. You might be surprised to know that there are a number of other languages closely related to the Aztecan languages, spoken all around Mexico and even across large swaths of the United States. One of those languages is Cora.

Cora, with its 33,000 native speakers, is a member of the expansive Uto–Aztecan language family, which stretches as far south as El Salvador, with the Pipil (Nawat) language, and as far north as Idaho, with Shoshoni. Cora is native to central Mexico, close to the linguistic homeland of Nahuatl, but enough Cora people have emigrated to the United States that a significant Cora-speaking community has formed in the country. Mexico recognizes Cora as one of the diverse nation’s 62 national languages, putting it on equal footing with Spanish, at least legally.

Of course, Cora doesn’t receive equal treatment to Spanish when it comes to translation access, with companies that offer Cora translation services remaining rare. So, we at decided to form our own Cora translation team—which you can see a free quote for if you contact us!

Taking a closer look at Cora

Cora’s linguistic homeland is the northern portion of the Mexican state of Nayarit, which is named after the Cora people, though some Cora speakers also live in the neighboring states of Jalisco and Durango. In the US, a sizable community of Cora speakers exists in southwestern Colorado, with further speakers residing in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. Cora occupies its own branch of the Uto–Aztecan language family alongside Huichol, also native to central Mexico.

In Cora, the verb comes first in a sentence, even before the subject—but this word order can change to add emphasis to different elements of the sentence. The language features a complex mosaic of affixes and morphological inflection that allows speakers to express different nuances, with an emphatic suffix found commonly sprinkled across Cora sentences. Prefixes or suffixes can be added to nouns to indicate possession, with Cora even exhibiting a special “fourth-person” form meant to distinguish two third-person referents in a discourse. Cora verbs are also complicated, with markers for both subject and object.

Passionate Cora translators working for you

Cora is unique among the world’s languages, with linguists noting the rarity of a verb-initial language that uses postpositions (i.e., prepositions after the noun). But don’t let that intimidate you—our Cora translators are native speakers of this Uto–Aztecan tongue, and they’re passionate about translating texts to and from their language. That’s right—whether you need translation from English to Cora or from Cora to English, we have the right specialists on our team to help you. With some of our translators hailing from Mexico and others from the United States, we can handle a plethora of Cora varieties, too.

What would you like Cora translation services for? Perhaps you’re moving your organization into a Cora-speaking region, and you want to show the locals your dedication to their community with Cora-language marketing materials. Maybe you’re a researcher looking to learn more about the customs of the Cora people, and you want to survey them with a Cora-language version of your questionnaire. Perhaps you’re a Cora-speaking native who wants to share the beauty of traditional Cora tales with the wider world, and you want professional translation to do the stories justice. Or maybe you’re a content creator looking to publish Cora-language versions of your work, both to cater to a new audience and to boost the preservation efforts of this important tongue. Whatever your reason for needing Cora translation services, our team is ready to help.

Translating to and from Cora is our pride and joy. Let us help you today—just tell us what you need!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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