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Yucatec Maya to English Translation Services

Yucatec Maya

Yucatec Maya is the most widely spoken Mayan language throughout Mexico and the third-largest language in the country. In fact, large portions of the population use Yucatec Maya as their primary language of communication in southern Mexican states such as Campeche, Quintana Roo, and Yucatán. Nonetheless, is one of the only translation companies that offers high-quality Yucatec Maya to English translation services. With our help, you can bring your message and your work to a readership of more than two billion people worldwide!


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While most materials in Yucatec Maya are translated only into Spanish, we provide direct and accurate translations into English. More importantly, our translators understand the specific difficulties of translating Mayan languages, including the closely related K’iche’ and Kekchi. These include how Yucatec Maya expresses tense and distinguishes between the grammatical subject of a sentence and the topic of conversation by employing a topic–comment structure, as does Japanese. Fortunately, we have the skills and the experience to translate these tricky features faithfully into natural English while always matching the conventions for different domains and materials.


Materials We Translate from Yucatec Maya to English


  • Historical documents. A large array of documents and texts from the 16th century onwards remain untranslated or have been only partially translated. Our team offers assistance to researchers and academics for historical texts written in Yucatec Maya.

  • Religious texts. We provide English translations for religious material in Yucatec Maya, such as hymns, psalms, prayer songs, and other works.


For those looking for Yucatec Maya to English translation services in Merida, Kanasin, Timizin, or elsewhere, our experienced and qualified translators can help.


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