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Please Welcome Our New Zhuang Translation Services Team

With more than a billion inhabitants, China has long held the title of the world’s most populous nation. Most people in the expansive East Asian country speak Mandarin as their first language, making Mandarin the most common native language in the world by a wide margin. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a plethora of minority languages spoken throughout the country—some with several million speakers. In fact, there are nearly 300 different languages spoken in China, and even Chinese itself is more a subfamily of related languages rather than a single tongue.

The Zhuang languages are a great example of China’s linguistic diversity, as they constitute one of the largest groups of minority languages in the country. Boasting more than 16 million native speakers, the Zhuang languages are prominent in southern China, where they’re believed to have originated before the Han Chinese people spread out westward. As China’s largest ethnic minority group, the Zhuang people make up a large portion of Guangxi Province’s population, with the county-level city of Jingxi estimated to be 99.7% ethnically Zhuang. Unfortunately, however, minority languages in China face a difficult challenge with the ubiquity of Mandarin, and even for Zhuang, one of the most prestigious minority languages in China, translation services are scarce.

At, we want to help provide anyone who needs Zhuang translation services with easy access to a reliable translation team. If you want a free quote for our Zhuang translation services, just let us know!

Zhuang: One of China’s most important minority languages

Zhuang is more of a collection of several related languages than a single language. Forming a large dialect continuum, not all Zhuang languages are mutually intelligible, with some variants closer to outside languages, such as Bouyei, than other Zhuang tongues. Some of the biggest Zhuang languages include Guibei, Liujiang, Hongshui He, Yongbei, Yongnan, Zuojiang, and Dejing, with Standard Zhuang based on the variant spoken in Wuming.

While the Zhuang languages may sound like the Chinese languages to an untrained listener, given that both groups are tonal, the truth is that they’re entirely unrelated. While the Chinese languages come from the Sino–Tibetan family, the Zhuang languages conversely hail from the Kra–Dai family, making them instead related to Thai and Lao. The Zhuang languages are heavily isolating languages with minimal inflection, which may make them appear simple to an English speaker, but don’t be fooled—this lack of inflection results in a strong reliance on word order and particles, and speakers may need to rely on context to understand ambiguous sentences.

Here to handle all your Zhuang translation needs

Zhuang is a big language grouping, but don’t worry—we have you covered. We’ve painstakingly scoured the Zhuang-speaking area all over southern China to bring you the best Zhuang translators we can find, securing representation for most Zhuang languages. So, no matter which Zhuang language you’re targeting, our translation team is eager to help. That applies whether you’re translating into or from a Zhuang language—that’s how flexible our team is.

Our flexibility extends to the types of documents we can translate, as well. We’ve hired translators specializing in the translation of business and marketing documents—this is the perfect way for native Zhuang speakers to branch out into the wider world with their homegrown businesses. We’ve also hired translators with a specialization in academic translation—they’re prepared to help academics coming to southern China connect with local Zhuang speakers through tailored translation of their research papers, with technical language posing no problems to our highly specialized team of experts. We also have Zhuang translators who specialize in literary translation and localization, so whether you’re looking to share the unique and beautiful stories of the Zhuang people with outside cultures or you want to bring your innovative new app to the Zhuang people of southern China, our team is here to support you.

Zhuang translation services can take your project to new levels. Let us show you how—just message us to get started!

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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