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Lao to English Translation Services


Laos is a diverse state with dozens of different ethnic groups and just as many distinct languages. As such, people throughout the country regularly use Lao (sometimes called Laotian) as the lingua franca.


The unique challenges of Lao translation


Finding high-quality Lao to English translation services comes with its own distinct challenges. First, Lao uses an entirely unique alphabet that has no official written standard. Second, a large stock of words taken from Thai, French, Pali, and Sanskrit are used to convey specific nuances or meanings. Third, Lao has a complex system of relational markers that express a word’s grammatical role. This, combined with the language’s numerous dialects, can help you understand the expertise required for accurate Lao to English translation services.


Documents the require Lao to English translation


  • Legal documents. Lao has a distinct set of legal terms that must be rendered accurately in legal documents such as contracts, deeds of trust, waivers, and other agreements. We have partnered with a legal translation agency whose experienced translators make this possible.

  • Tourism materials. As Laos continues to build a reputation as a tourist destination in Southeast Asia, we’ve translated materials including guides and tour package information for hotels and tourism agencies.

  • Websites. We can help you reach a global audience outside of Laos and Southeast Asia by expanding your online presence. For that, we translate company websites, articles, government pages, and other web content.


Whether you need to reach a more global audience or plan to do business in Laos, you’ll need dependable Lao to English translation services. can ensure your communication needs are met smoothly, whether you’re in Vientiane, Pakse, Luang Prabong, or San Francisco.

Contact us today for a quote on your Lao to English translation project.

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