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Our Yaru Quechua Translation Services Team Is All Ready Now

Did you know that only 82% of the Peruvian population speaks Spanish as a native language? Although Spanish is Peru’s only fully official language at the national level, the country is quite diverse when it comes to languages, with a relatively strong presence of indigenous languages within its borders. Most notably is Quechua, which is the native language of more than 13% of Peruvians, primarily in the Peruvian highlands. Yaru Quechua is one of the many variants of Quechua.

With more than 7 million native speakers, Quechua is easily the biggest indigenous language of the Americas today, having descended from the biggest pre-Columbian civilization in the Americas: the Inca Empire. The Yaru Quechua dialect specifically claims around 90,000 to 150,000 speakers, according to different estimates, and is endangered throughout the regions it’s spoken in, as few children are learning the language today. That’s why Yaru Quechua needs support, such as dedicated translation services—so we’re proud to present our new translation team specifically for Yaru Quechua.

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What makes Yaru Quechua so unique?

Quechua is spoken across the Andes, with the bulk of speakers located in Peru and Bolivia but smaller communities also found in Argentina and Chile. As the lingua franca of the Inca Empire, Quechua historically expanded its influence all throughout the land, which resulted in numerous Quechua dialects popping up that persist to this day. Yaru Quechua is spoken specifically in the Peruvian provinces of Pasco and Daniel Alcides Carrión, as well as parts of the Junín and Lima departments. Along with the other variants of Quechua, it’s a member of the Quechuan language family, of which Quechua is the only known language.

Quechuan languages are complex, full of inflection that would make an English speaker’s head spin. The languages stack several suffixes together to add grammatical meaning to words and sentences, resulting in long and informationally dense words that usually appear in a basic subject-object-verb word order. Yaru Quechua shares most of the grammatical features of its sister languages but uses different suffixes in some cases, such as using -paaku for the plural suffix rather than the conventional Quechua -kuna. Yaru Quechua is further characterized by long vowels and certain consonant shifts, with /s/ and /h/ often becoming /sh/. For the best-quality translations, you should work with a native speaker of Yaru Quechua, as speakers of other variants simply can’t deliver a translation with all the same nuances.

The best Yaru Quechua translation services you’ll find on the web

We’re committed to building the best translation team we possibly can for Yaru Quechua. With native-speaking translators from different areas of Pasco, Daniel Alcides Corrión, Junín, Lima, and beyond, we’re able to accommodate different types of Yaru Quechua, allowing for greater customization and individualization in your translation. Our translators, who work with texts both from English to Yaru Quechua and from Yaru Quechua to English, are committed to their craft, passionate about building bridges between the Yaru Quechua community and the outside world.

We have on our team specialists in different types of translation, so if you’re looking for something specific, don’t hesitate to let us know. For example, our academic translators are eager to help with everything from research questionnaires to educational materials for children, which can aid in the Yaru Quechua education recently implemented in some regional schools. Our business translators are here for any organizations looking to market their products or services to the Yaru Quechua community in Peru. We also have literary translators on our team who can help you tell the stories of the Yaru Quechua people to the rest of the world or bring exciting new content (books, poems, games, apps, you name it) to Yaru Quechua speakers.

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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