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Our Newest Translation Services Are for the Ticuna Language

South America is bigger than you probably think. The land is spread out across 12 countries (13 if you count France, with its overseas territory of French Guiana), and while Spanish is the dominant language in most of them, Brazil, Guyana, and Suriname speak Portuguese, English, and Dutch, respectively. But all throughout all the nations of the continent, you’ll find hundreds more languages, the original languages of the land, still spoken by millions of people. The Amazon is a particular hotspot for indigenous languages, and that’s where we find Ticuna.

Ticuna is estimated to have 50,000 to 60,000 native speakers today, spread out across three separate countries in the Amazon. The influences of the mainstream cultures and languages in their countries have had a major impact on the Ticuna people, with the majority now fluent in Spanish or Portuguese. Ticuna-language education is available in parts of Peru and Brazil, but the language still faces pressure for its continued flourishment. At, we’re proud to offer our Ticuna translation services to help support this important indigenous language.

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Ticuna: an Amerindian language unlike any other

More than half of all Ticuna speakers live in Brazil, specifically in the state of Amazonas, with several thousand residing in neighboring regions of Peru and Colombia. The language’s orthography is thus derived from Portuguese, although it uses the letter k in place of c and the Spanish ñ rather than the Portuguese nh. It’s unique among the complex linguistic landscape of South America because Ticuna is effectively a language isolate, meaning it’s not related to any other known languages (except possibly to the extinct Yuri language and the language of the uncontacted Carabayo tribe).

Whereas most Amerindian languages exhibit heavy inflection, with many classified as polysynthetic, where a full sentence can be expressed with a single word, Ticuna is a largely isolating language, with minimal inflection. Ticuna is also a highly tonal language, with more than 10 tones dictating the phonology of the language. Ticuna sentences are generally constructed in a subject-verb-object order, like in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, but the word order can change depending on the context. Notably, the word order can differ for transitive versus intransitive verbs. It’s difficult for a non-native speaker to consider all the nuances of Ticuna, which is why you should rely on native-speaking translators like ours.

Ticuna translation services tailored to your project

It’s hard to come across Ticuna translation services at all, let alone services that are tailored to your specific needs. In our quest to provide the best translation services we can, we’ve endeavored to build a Ticuna translation team capable of tackling the various needs of our clients from around South America and the world. Our Ticuna translators, proud native speakers, come from Brazil, Peru, and Colombia, and they’re thrilled to provide pinpoint translation services both to and from Ticuna.

The translators on our team boast a wide range of skill sets that allow them to cater to diverse client needs. We have translators trained in academically oriented translation, which is great for researchers looking to connect with Ticuna speakers in the Amazon or help local children access more educational materials in their native language. We have translators whose skill sets are well suited for business documents, from business proposals to white papers and ad copy, to help organizations get set up and thrive in Ticuna-speaking territory. We have literary translators who can seamlessly translate poetry and prose between Ticuna and English, helping Ticuna speakers spread their stories globally and bringing new content—books, poems, apps, games, and more—to the Ticuna-speaking world. The diversity on our team allows you to access the Ticuna translation services you want.

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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