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Our Newest Translation Services Are Dedicated to Tamasheq

The Sahara is a vast, largely empty desert with minimal human inhabitation—in most countries that occupy part of the Sahara, the majority of citizens live in the coastal or sub-Saharan regions. But for the Tuareg people, the Sahara is home. The Tuareg are a collection of nomadic tribes who have lived in the Sahara for centuries, speaking a group of related Berber languages. Although the Tuareg have no country of their own and live divided between several North African nations, their languages are still widely spoken today—languages such as Tamasheq.

Tamasheq—which is not to be confused with the other Tuareg languages of Air Tamajaq and Tamahaq—is the native language of approximately 900,000 people today. In Mali, which accounts for roughly 590,000 of its speakers, Tamasheq has been recognized as an official language and is actively taught in both elementary schools and language courses for adults. It’s even learned as a second language by speakers of Songhay languages like Koyra Chiini, Koyraboro Senni, and Tadaksahak. We at also want to support Tamasheq—so we made our own Tamasheq translation team.

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Tamasheq: an overview of the details

Tamasheq, sometimes called Tamashek, Tamachen, Tamashekin, or Tomacheck, is primarily spoken in Mali, with a large population of speakers also residing in Burkina Faso. Smaller communities are also found in Algeria and Niger. There are considered to be two primary dialects of the language: Timbuktu and Tadhaq. Like other Berber languages, it can be written both in the Latin alphabet and in the native Berber Tifinagh script, although the Tifinagh script has not gained widespread use in any country.

Grammatically, Tamasheq is a complex language that differs substantially from English, complicating translation efforts. The basic word order is verb-subject-object, although auxiliaries and negative particles can precede the verb. Certain grammatical structures can also result in other parts of the sentence coming before the verb, although in such cases, the nuance differs from the default verb-subject-object sentences. The language features grammatical gender, like in French or Spanish, and nouns take different plural forms depending on their gender. Tamasheq nouns also tend to have prefixes that show whether they’re singular or plural, although some nouns lack this feature. However complicated Tamasheq may be, translating to and from the language is a breeze for our native-speaking Tamasheq translators—so just turn to us if you need Tamasheq translation services!

Let us be your go-to Tamasheq translators.

Whether you’re from Mali, Burkina Faso, another North African country, or anywhere else in the world, you can take advantage of our Tamasheq translation services. Our translators, who call Mali, Burkina Faso, Algeria, and Niger home, represent both the Timbuktu and Tadhaq dialects of Tamasheq, and they have the experience and skills necessary to faithfully translate any texts to or from Tamasheq. That’s right—we work in both directions.

We have academic translators on our team who can help researchers in the area disseminate surveys to Tamasheq-speaking populations or devise Tamasheq-language lesson materials for native-speaking Tuareg children. We have business translators eagerly assisting CEOs and business owners by translating everything from financial reports to press releases into Tamasheq, helping them establish a presence in the area. We have literary translators who carefully pore over novels, poems, short stories, and other literary works in Tamasheq or English and meticulously translate them into the respective other, making sure to preserve the author’s original tone and writing style. We even have people on our team who are subject-matter experts in different areas, so if your document contains technical vocabulary, we can still help!

Our team is always eager to help with your Tamasheq translation needs. If you’re ready to get started, send us a message to place your first order!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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