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Our New Team Offers Translation Services for Sardinian

Did you know that Italy is actually a highly multilingual country? On the surface, it may look like the entire country is Italian-speaking—and, in a sense, it is, with Italian standing as the official language used in most areas of public life. But in fact, Italy is brimming with regional minority languages that are often called “dialects” even though they aren’t derivatives of Italian. Rather, they developed alongside Italian from the different varieties of Vulgar Latin spoken across the peninsula, resulting in the multilingual Italy we have today. One prominent Italian minority language is Sardinian.

Roughly one million people today speak Sardinian as their first language, but that alone doesn’t mean the language is safe. It faces a serious threat from Italian, which is the dominant language in official contexts in Sardinia, and a historical focus on Italian by Sardinian elites has resulted in the language eroding significantly. However, attitudes toward Sardinian are positive, and in recent years, the trend has been toward incorporating Sardinian into more aspects of life in Sardinia. At, we’d like to help—that’s why we’ve set up our own Sardinian translation team.

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Sardinian: Latin’s closest ancestor

Latin is the mother of all Romance languages—Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, and dozens of minority languages, including Sardinian, are all direct descendants of the linguistic juggernaut. But linguists consider Sardinian to be the closest of all modern-day Romance languages to Latin. Spoken on the island of Sardinia, Sardinian also incorporates elements of the unknown language(s) spoken in the region prior to the Roman takeover, filling the language with a rich history.

Sardinian’s grammar is similar to that of Italian—it has masculine and feminine grammatical gender and lacks the noun cases of Latin. Noun conjugation in Sardinian is complex, marked to indicate the subject as well as the tense and mood. However, it distinguishes itself from Italian in many other ways, including commonly rearranging sentences such that the object comes first, a relative lack of adverbs, using reflexive pronouns with intransitive verbs such as “to sleep,” and an affirmative particle used for emphasis. Interestingly, the affirmative particle can also be used for sarcasm, endowing the sentence with the opposite of its literal meaning. Jam-packed with nuance that differentiates it from Italian and other Romance languages, Sardinian can be a challenge to translate—but our native-speaking Sardinian translators are here for the challenge.

The most flexible Sardinian translation services you’ll find online

If you’re looking for quality and flexibility in your Sardinian translation services, you’ve come to the right place. It’s true that most translation companies don’t offer Sardinian translation services at all, but we’re committed to going above and beyond, recruiting the best translators we can find all over the island of Sardinia. Whether you’re seeking translation services to or from Sardinian, we have you covered—you can rest assured that your project will be in good hands with our passionate, native-speaking Sardinian translators.

On our team, you’ll find Sardinian translators for every occasion. Looking to conduct research in Sardinia or connect with Sardinian academics? Check out our academic translation services. Run a business and interested in setting up shop in Sardinia? Our business translators can help you. Seeking reliable translation services for your creative works, be they books, poems, short stories, websites, apps, games, or anything else, to boost your audience in Sardinia? Let our literary translators handle the job. Of course, we also provide the same services to Sardinian speakers looking to spread their messages abroad. Our mission is to serve you with great Sardinian translation services—no matter what you need.

Our Sardinian translators are waiting for your order—so why not reach out and place it now?

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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