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Meet the Newest Addition to Our Translation Services: Kichwa Salasaca

Most people in Ecuador speak Spanish. As a modern-day Latin American country, Ecuador’s population is largely mestizo, an ethnic group specific to Central and South America with a blend of European and indigenous Amerindian heritage, and most mestizos speak Spanish. But that doesn’t mean full-blooded Amerindians no longer exist in the country—in fact, they’re still present in quite high numbers. And while most indigenous Ecuadorians speak Spanish, for many, it’s not their native language. Indeed, the autochthonous languages of Ecuador still live on to this day, with Kichwa, Ecuador’s biggest indigenous language, boasting hundreds of thousands of speakers.

Kichwa is spoken by pockets of indigenous Kichwa peoples scattered throughout the Andean Highlands and Amazon Rainforest regions of eastern Ecuador. With such great geographical diversity among Kichwa speakers, it’s no surprise that a number of different dialects have arisen, such as Kichwa Salasaca. Kichwa Salasaca is spoken by roughly 15,000 people, which may not sound like that many, but that gives it more speakers than all but a handful of indigenous languages in the US and Canada. Dedicated translation services for Kichwa Salasaca are rare, as you might imagine—but here at, we’re aiming to change that with our new Kichwa Salasaca translation team.

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What’s the background of Kichwa Salasaca?

To find the speakers of Kichwa Salasaca, we have to venture to central Ecuador, specifically to the province of Tungurahua. The province is home to more than half a million people, with more than 380,000 people living in the province’s capital of Ambato. Around 10% of Tungurahua’s population identify as indigenous. Located in between Ambato and the canton of Baños are the Salasaca people, who still practice their indigenous culture and speak their native language of Kichwa Salasaca.

Kichwa Salasaca is one of the numerous dialects of the Kichwa language, which itself comes from the Quechuan language family. Specifically, Kichwa is classified as Northern Quechua, distinguishing it from the more widely spoken Southern Quechua found in Peru and Bolivia. Kichwa’s grammar is incredibly complicated for an English speaker, with more than a dozen noun cases used to structure sentences and verbs incorporating markers for both subject and object. Even Kichwa pronouns are complicated: the language features different words for “we” depending on whether the addressee is included (i.e., “me and you” vs. “me and others but not you”).

We’re aiming to offer the best Kichwa Salasaca translation services on the internet.

It’s not easy to find translation services for Kichwa in general, given that it’s an indigenous Amerindian language that most people haven’t even heard of. It’s significantly harder to find dedicated translation services for specific dialects like Kichwa Salasaca, but that’s exactly what we offer, with our Kichwa Salasaca translators proudly performing meticulously work to deliver the high-quality translations we’re known for. Whether you need translation services from English to Kichwa Salasaca or from Kichwa Salasaca to English, our team has the skills and experience needed to accommodate your needs.

Are you worried that we can’t cater to more niche translation needs? It’s true that the small number of Kichwa Salasaca speakers limits our flexibility, but we’ve built the most diverse and flexible translation team possible given the circumstances. We have translators from all sorts of different backgrounds and walks of life, specializing in different types of translation. So, if you’re looking for a specific translation domain—say, business translation, academic translation, or literary translation—we’ll do our best to select the most suitable Kichwa Salasaca translator for you. Since some of our translators are familiar with different disciplines, we may even be able to accommodate esoteric texts!

We’re passionate about providing great translation services for Kichwa Salasaca. Why not contact us today to start your Kichwa Salasaca translation project?


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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